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Cultural Development Fund

Small and Emerging Organizations, Community Cultural Projects

Recommended Grant Awards for FY 2014-2015

 Grant Period: October 1, 2014 through September 30, 2015




The Cultural Development Fund is distributed to small and emerging Palm Beach County based cultural organizations to enhance and expand their cultural programs. Funds are also recommended to other community-based nonprofits where there are cultural projects targeting children within the County, especially underserved populations, and/or organizations that preserve cultural heritages and traditions through the arts and create opportunities for all Palm Beach County residents to experience culturally diverse programs and events.  A total fund of $180,000.00 is budgeted for the FY 2014-15 grant period.
Community Organizations with Cultural Projects:
Alzheimer's Community Care, Inc. $6,115

Alzheimer’s Community Care’s Project focuses on how music therapy benefits patients with neurocognitive disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease. Music therapy is offered in each of Alzheimer’s Community Care’s Day Centers as part of the Specialized Alzheimer’s Day Care programs, where 200 patients interact with a music therapist in group sessions and family members are encouraged to participate. In addition to group sessions, at least 6 patients and their families will participate in a series of 8 individualized sessions at the patient’s home to create a “life song” that includes the patient’s life memories. Grant dollars are used to fund the music therapist’s professional fee.

For the Children, Inc. $5,695

For the Children offers athen afterschool Multicultural Arts Program (MAP) that places an emphasis on visual and non- visual art programming in order to build self- esteem and improve students’ interest in learning. For the Children works collaboratively with organizations such as the Lake Worth Playhouse and the Greater Chamber of Lake Worth to help students’ build confidence and leadership abilities as well as improve academic life skills. This organization serves about 247 students between the ages of 3-18 in the community surrounding downtown Lake Worth. 99% of students that participate in the MAP program are of an ethnic minority and receive free or reduced lunch in school. Grant dollars will be used to fund the MAP program.

Russ Corser Foundation $2,814

The Russ Corser Foundation operates a program called April is for Authors, it is an event that enables students to interact writers about creative writing and reading. 24 authors will take part in panel discussions and give presentations about writing their books at Palm Beach Gardens High School. It is a free event, serving thousands of school aged children. This organization provides not only a valuable experience for the children, but an opportunity for authors to connect with their audience and key decision makers in local literacy programs. This organization will use its grant money to cover travel costs for the authors coming to Palm Beach County in 2015.

The Children’s Place at Homesafe, Inc. $3,180

The Children’s Place at Homesafe offers a program called Arts Away. Arts Away brings some of the finest artists from around the community to work directly with the children involved in HomeSafe’s SafetyNet Domestic Violence Prevention and Interactive Program. Arts Away allows children and teens to participate in activities where they learn to communicate through a variety of art mediums (clay, painting, music, collages, etc.) and share with each other. Often times, they begin to open up about the traumas they have endured. This program works hand in hand to put the cycle of domestic violence to a halt. Arts Away will work with more than 50 unduplicated children and teens in the SafetyNet Program. The funds from this grant money will be utilized to pay for the time, talent, and leadership of local artists.

Cultural Organizations, Level One:
Alpha Educational Foundation $2,699

Alpha Educational Foundation hosts “An Evening with Black Artist” every February during Black History Month. Performers include outstanding vocalists in opera, Broadway musical theater and jazz; outstanding instrumentalists including pianists, violinists, violists, cellists, flautists, bassoonists, tubists, and harpists; acclaimed dance and stage artists. Alpha Educational Foundation anticipates over 400 people at “An Evening with Black Artist”. This grant will be used for marketing and advertising as well as artists’ fees and accommodations. This event will educate and stimulate cultural awareness of the contributions African Americans have made and are continuing to make in the performing arts.

Arts Dance Generation $2,963

Arts Dance Generation strives to improve the lives of people through the art of dance, by delivering vibrant high quality ballet performances. Ten world class dancers and emerging young artists will be hired, some of whom work full- time at The Orlando Ballet and Miami City Ballet. This organization plans to use its grant money on advertising the scheduled performance of Romeo and Juliet in June of 2015. 600 people including teens and adults are expected to attend. With increased advertising through this grant, Arts Dance Generation plans to expand its audience by offering more affordable tickets.

Masterworks Chorus of the Palm Beaches $2,637

Masterworks Chorus of the Palm Beaches produces the longest running, traditional Messiah concert in the area which has become a holiday ritual for more and more Palm Beach County residents. The funds from this grant enable this organization to recruit and contract the best instrumental musicians and soloist possible to serve at least 1,500 people. It is the Masterworks Chorus of the Palm Beaches hopes that its audience members come away from these performances with greater appreciation for classical music and live music in general.

Cultural Organizations, Level Two:
Boca Raton Community Chorus $5,139

The Boca Raton Community Chorus will be using their grant dollars to put on two major concerts this year. In December the Chorus will be doing its annual Music and Candlelight Concert and plans to serve 1,000 individuals.

Caribbean American for Community Involvement in Florida, Inc. $5,661

Caribbean American for Community Involvement in Florida, also known as CAFCI will use funding for three different programs. 1) Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration in January 2015; 2) Cultural Diversity Day in May 2015; and 3) Youth Talent Showcase in August 2015. These events are unique in the western part of the county and serve about 2,000 people from Belle Glade to West Palm Beach, Jupiter, and Boynton Beach. CAFCI promotes the importance for all citizens of multicultural and ethnic backgrounds to experience, participate, and develop an understanding and appreciation of its diverse community.

Delray Beach Chorale, Inc. $5,885

The Delray Beach Chorale will use its grant funds to put on two major concert series. A winter concert produced in December and a spring concert produced in April. With the Delray Beach Chorale’s Artists in Residence and Apprenticeship program, it offers young artists the opportunity to learn and perform with a cultural performing arts organization. In many cases, this is the only opportunity for these young artists to prepare themselves for a career in music. Delray Beach Chorale plans to serve 3,000 individuals during the year.

Delta Heritage Foundation $5,329

The Delta Heritage Foundation is requesting funding for their program, The Midas Youth Initiative which is a mentoring program for determined and aspiring students. This program expands over an 8 month period that includes: monthly learning sessions and applied experiences and activities from October 2014- May 2015, The Mentoring Matchmaker Youth Conference in February 2015, Youth Townhall: Issues and Answers in April of 2015, and the End of the Year Celebration of Achievement and Rally to Press Forward. The target group for this program is at- risk teenage males and females ages 10-18. Delta Heritage Foundation plans to serve at least 300 individuals as they use their grant dollars to help pay for space rental, artists/ speaker fees, workshop facilitators, as well as printing.

Ebony Chorale of the Palm Beaches $5,722

The Ebony Chorale of the Palm Beaches plans on serving 1,200 individuals in their 2014-2015 Concert Series. The Choral teaches its members about all aspects of proper choral singing and vocal techniques, including posture, breathing, diction, articulation, music reading, interpretations, rehearsal techniques, and performance techniques, presentations, and etiquette. This organization strives for beautiful stone, expressive dynamics, and impeccable diction in its performances. Ebony Chorale of the Palm Beaches will use its grant money on artistic fees of guest musicians, conductors, accompanists, and orchestral ensemble as well as facility usage and marketing.

Friends of the Arthur R. Marshall Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge $6,115

This organization will use its funding for a free, one- day event, Everglades Day, that helps people better understand the world- renowned Everglades ecosystem. This event attracts an average of 3,200 people from as far away as Puerto Rico and Canada. The theme concept may change from year to year, but the ultimate objective is always the same: educate residents about the Everglades by employing science, art, music, nature and interactive demonstrations. Festivities generally include expert speakers and presenters, hands- on activities and dozens of representatives from nature-focused organizations distributing information.

Hispano-Latino Cultural Alliance, Inc. $5,275

This Hispano- Latino Cultural Alliance puts on a one day celebration of Cinco de Mayo that serves over 2,000 people annually. The Cinco de Mayo Festival includes dance and music, traditional foods, children’s activities, costumes, art, activities such as a chili pepper eating contest, and Chihuahua races. The participants will leave the festival exposed to Mexican music as well as traditional Mexican food. The grant dollars will be used to attract additional statewide and local artistic talent to this event and help with marketing expenses.

Inspirit, Inc. $6,115

Inspirit is an organization that strives to bring the joy of live music and cultural experiences to people living in restricted environments. Inspirit serves about 3,500 people, regardless of their age or backgrounds, who are residing in institutions, who are starved for cultural experiences and are unable to leave their place of residence. Inspirit arranges approximately 10-12 performances per month to visit these institutions hiring local performers of all ages and musical backgrounds. Performances last approximately one hour and are usually highly interactive. The types of performances vary depending on the audience. The people that Inspirit serves are confined to institutional settings and are isolated from society. Reaching these individuals with live entertainment helps raise their morale and relieve the boredom, loneliness, and despair that are so often a part of institutional life. This organization uses its grant money to pay for artistic services.

Philippine American Society, Inc. $5,525

The Philippine American Society holds an annual Philippine Summer Festival which is held on the second Saturday of June. It is the cornerstone of this organization’s cultural programming. This festival commemorates the Philippine independence from a 300- year rule of Spanish Colonizers and is celebrated by Filipinos all over the world. An average of 3,000 people attend this event with approximately 80% Filipino- Americans and 5% other Asian ethnicities. Grant dollars are used for space rental for the festival.

Cultural Organizations, Level Three:
Aequalis, Inc. d/b/a The Core Ensemble $8,593

The Core Ensemble hosts a program called “Arts for a Diverse Community”. This project is a series of musical performances designed to engage youth and adults in cultural and educational activities in October, November, and January/ February. The Core Ensemble encourages lifelong learning by engaging about 3,113 youth and adults in a series of free educational workshops and performances. The grant dollars will be used to support artists’ fees for the project.

Boca Raton Philharmonic Symphonia, Inc. $8,725

The Boca Raton Philharmonic Symphonia will mark its 10th anniversary with a spectacular 2015 Connoisseur Concert series complete with a dazzling array of guest artists and internationally acclaimed conductors. This concert series will expose around 12,660 concert goers, or as the Symphonia likes to refer to them as, “participants”, to a broad selection of music. This selection draws upon the works of master composers from a variety of orchestral styles. This organization will use its grant dollars to pay for the cost of guest conductor fees for the 2015 Connoisseur Concert season.

Friends of MacArthur Beach State Park, Inc. $8,924

Funds provided though this grant will be used to support a comprehensive marketing program to promote the Natural Science Education Program and other cultural programs offered at MacArthur Beach State Park. One major goal of the marketing plan is to design, produce, and distribute a series of newly branded programs, informational brochures and activity calendars. The target population for the Natural Science Education Program is students from grades 1-12, from local public, private, and charter schools. Friends of MacArthur Beach State Park’s curriculum now meet the Common Core Standards as well as connecting to the STEM Standards.

Friends of Sandoway House Nature Center, Inc. $8,481

Friends of Sandoway House will use its grant dollars to hire teachers for its Junior Naturalist Program. This environmental education program now has a new outreach program which allows classes to come to the nature center for little or no cost. Sandoway House provides environmental education programs to 6,000 students a year, many of which are at risk. Children who may have never had the opportunity to experience environmental awareness now have the chance through a low cost/ no cost Jr. Naturalist program.

Jewish Community Center of the Greater Palm Beaches, Inc. $9,559

For the past 24 years, the JCC of the Greater Palm Beaches has held the Donald M Ephraim Palm Beach Jewish Film Festival. The Film Festival has brought highly acclaimed films from all over the world to Palm Beach County. The JCC’s goal for their 25th anniversary season is to intensify their efforts to use film as a platform for communication and outreach among the diverse populations of Palm Beach County. The grant dollars will be used towards space rental for the festival as well as travel supplies.

Palm Beach Symphony Society, Inc. $7,678

The Palm Beach Symphony will introduce elementary and middle school aged students to a live symphony orchestra this season with “Carnival of the Animals” by Camille Saint- Saens. The Symphony’s outreach programs will not only provide musical education, but will inspire the next generation of musicians and audiences. The grant dollars will be used to pay for the Orchestra and the Conductor.

Schoolhouse Children’s Museum and Learning Center $8,161

The Schoolhouse Children’s Museum will host a school outreach program in the East Boynton Beach area. As many as 627 families in this area live in poverty and a high percentage score below level on the State Kindergarten Readiness Test. Some of these children do not always have the advantage of Pre-K to help them prepare for kindergarten. This program intends to provide Science programs based on common core standards. The outreach programs are infused with creative projects geared toward children in grades K-2 and can accommodate up to 50 students per session. The grant dollars will be used to primarily cover instructor costs and well as program supplies.

Dreyfoos School of the Arts Foundation, Inc. $8,664

The Artist in Residence Program at the Dreyfoos School of the Arts Foundation was created to augment and enhance the classes offered in the 6 art departments: dance, digital media, communication arts, music, theatre and visual arts. This program improves the quality of instruction and increases the number and types of art classes available. In the performing arts department, the Artists in Residence work with students in small groups, to help them increase their level of artistic skill, providing them with individualized instruction that translates to the stage, enhancing the quality of performances. The inclusion of the Artist in residence in the theatre department provide students with the training and experience they need to develop their craft in costume, dance, and stagecraft. The grant dollars will be used for Artistic and Technical Personnel.

Swing and Jazz Preservation Society, Inc. $8,888

The Swing and Jazz Preservation Society’s goal for this season is to attract younger members, between 65-70 year olds. To accomplish this, they are engaging several local vocalists and musicians who have a strong local following amongst a younger group than the traditional members and positioning them in the first three concerts of the new season. For the final concert of the season, this organization will to have the winning high school band of the 2015 Battle of the Bands perform for the first half of the program. The Society is encouraging high school and college students to attend its concerts by reducing ticket costs to $5.00. About 4,050 tickets are sold per season with the audience being senior citizens who grew up in the Swing & Jazz era of the ‘30s and ‘40s. The grant dollars will be used to pay for outside professional artists.

The Children’s Museum, Inc. $8,725

The Children’s Museum will operate on a program called “The Art of Storytelling”. The museum will hire one professional African American storyteller who will combine art and literacy by teaching the art of storytelling once a week for eight weeks during this afterschool program. Children will learn the art of storytelling using familiar children’s stories, multicultural stories, and family stories. The students will learn to incorporate acting, music, and movement in the delivery process. This project seeks to engage 30 students from Florence Fuller Child Development Center East and 20 students from Youth Activity Center ages 8-12 and transform them from “story listeners” to “storytellers”. The grant dollars will be used to pay for the teaching artists.

VSA Florida Inc. $8,746

This organization will teach special needs students at various Palm Beach County Schools how to dance in the Contemporary Dance Residency program and how to act in the Drama Residency Program. The Contemporary Dance Residency will take place at Forest Hill Elementary School where students with disabilities will learn dance and movement to music. Select students are chosen to learn choreography to perform at the end of the fall semester at a Holiday Showcase Performance that VSA hosts. Deaf and Hard of Hearing students from local schools will take part in the Drama Residency. Based on grade level, the students will learn the basics of theatre and create a play which they will perform for their teachers, parents and peers. The Holiday Showcase Performance gives everyone the opportunity to see the 80 children and adults with different disabilities perform on a professional stage. The performances provide a social atmosphere and positive experience where family members can see their loved ones succeed and grow through the performing arts. The grant dollars will be used to pay for artistic professionals to teach these classes.

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