English Grade: 5 Date

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English Grade: 5 Date: 11.03.2021

Time: 45 min

Theme: O'clock

The objectives of the lesson: handouts and visual aids
- to teach kids about time

- to improve pupils` pronunciation and boost their vocabulary;

- to encourage pupils to know about time and activities at that time

- to help them develop free-speaking aptitudes;

- to raise awareness of ways of correctly defining the words of the time

- to provide the opportunity of expressing themselves in a public environment by giving them individual turns.

Learning outcomes:
- the lesson paves the way of cultivating learners’ make-believe and enrich their everyday vocabulary range in a more simplistic way;
Methods of the lesson: direct interactive group work, pair work (individual, teacher-pupil, pupil-teacher, whole class)
Equipments: Kid`s English 5 Student`s book, workbook, vocabulary illustrated flashcards.

The procedure of the lesson

  1. Organizing period: 5 minutes

  • Greeting

  • Fee-talk about pupils’ adaptation to the school life

  1. Checking home assignments of the previous lesson: 5 minutes

  1. Main part of the lesson:

Lesson 1 “I usually wake up at ...” – 7 minutes

  • Introducing the new topic and previewing relevant vocabulary so that the class is able to recognize the words during the activity sessions.

  • Explaining the structure of present simple and consolidate by means of interactive activities.

Activity 6: Play “What time is it?” Objective: the warm-up

  • P upils should do this handouts

Lesson 2 “It’ purple” - 10 minutes
- teaching the class new colors by showing the nearby objects with the same color

Activity 2: “I have a balloon”

Objective: - to teach the pupils the usage of “it is” as saying the colors of the different objects and ask them remember new colors for the following activities.
Activity 5: “Look and color

Objective: - After watching the video, have the class do the same way shown on the video by making a combination of two phrases “I have” and “It is” by using new vocabulary they have learned earlier.

  1. Energizer – 4 minutes

– ask the class make a comfortable zone for themselves and move your body as you are stating the position adjectives such as up, down, big, small, long, short, high, low and have the whole class follow your actions.
Lesson 3-4 “I like it” – 8 minutes
- teacher explains how to express the likes by using the structure “I like it” and the pupils are asked a question regarding their favorite toys they have talked about in the previous exercises. The question goes on “Do you like?, do you like the kite (example)?”, the pupils are expected to answer in the following way “Yes, I like. Yes, I like the kite”.
Activity 4: Play “I like it”

Objectives: - young learners are encouraged to express their most favorite belongings outloud by using simple phrases “I have” and “I like it”. They are also exposed to speaking in public environment that helps them to feel confident in this situation.

  1. The summary part of the lesson:

    Assessment – 3 minutes

To evaluate the pupils based on their active participation during the lesson and build a childish interaction so that the class can feel motivated for the upcoming classes.

Setting home assignments - 3 minutes
Teacher gives the explanation of the pupil’s homework and gets to talk to their parents to have a look at the back pages of the book to find a suitable home task for the lesson in the Parent’s Corner page. And parents are also explained to have the responsibility of their children’s home assignments to do at home in the same Parent’s Corner pages for every class they study at school.
Download 190,83 Kb.

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