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Jonathan Mitchell

Dr. Jonathan Mitchell - CV

Department of Philosophy

Warwick University

+44 (0)7909620014


Warwick University, Sept 2012 – December 2015 - Ph.D. in Philosophy. Passed with no corrections on 14th December 2015 by Professor Aaron Ridley (University of Southampton) and Professor Beatrice Han-Pile (University of Essex).

Title of Thesis: “Exemplars as Evaluative Ideals in Nietzsche’s Philosophy of Value”

Supervisor: Peter Poellner

Sheffield University, Sept 2008 – 2009, - MA in Philosophy (Distinction)

Sheffield University, Sept 2005 – 2008, BA in Philosophy (1st Class Honours)

Areas of Specialization

Nietzsche, 19th Century Philosophy, Philosophy of Value, Philosophy of Emotions, Meta-Ethics.

Areas of Competence

Epistemology, Philosophy of Mind, Early 20th century Continental Philosophy (Husserl and Sartre), Normative Ethics, Kant.

Publications: Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

1. “Nietzsche on Taste: Epistemic Privilege and Anti-Realism”, forthcoming in Inquiry, 2016.

2. “Nietzschean Self-Overcoming”, forthcoming in Journal of Nietzsche Studies 47.3, 2016.

Publications: Book Chapters

3. “Are Moods Intentional States?”, forthcoming in Mood – Aesthetics, Psychology, Philosophy, Warwick Series in the Humanities: Routledge, 2017.

Publications: Book Reviews

4. Review of Paul Katsafanas, The Nietzschean Self: Moral Psychology, Agency, and the Unconscious, forthcoming in Ethics 127.3, 2017.

5. Review of Ken Gemes and John Richardson, eds. The Oxford Handbook of Nietzsche, Journal of Nietzsche Studies 46.2, 2016.

6. Review of Maudemarie Clark, Nietzsche on Ethics and Politics, Journal of Nietzsche Studies 47.3, 2016.

Honours and Awards

Warwick University Chancellor’s Award, 2012 – 2015. Post Graduate Research Scholarship for full time 3 year Ph.D. (£52,470).

University of Sheffield Fee Scholarship for MA Philosophy, 2008-2009 (£5750).

Peter H Nidditch Prize in Philosophy, Sheffield University, 2008 (£100).

Conference Presentations

“Nietzsche on Ethics and the Experience of Obligation in BGE 19”, Departmental Graduate Seminar, Department of Philosophy, University of Warwick. January 2015.

“Nietzsche on Practical Reason and its Grounds”, Normativity and German Idealism, Contemporary Perspectives Conference, University of Sussex. May 2015.

“Prima Facie Appropriateness in Emotional Experience”, University of Warwick, Emotion and Experience Conference, February 2016.

“The Intentionality and Intelligibility of Moods”, University of Warwick, Mood – Aesthetic, Psychological and Philosophical Perspectives, May 2016.

“Nietzsche on Taste”, University of Bonn, International Society for Nietzsche Studies (Inaugural Workshop) June 2016.

“The Non-Conceptual Content of Affective-Evaluative Experience”, University of Sheffield, Understanding Value V, July 2016.

“The Epistemology of Moods”, Cambridge University, Early Career Philosophy of Mind Forum, August 2016.

Conference Presentations: Comments Delivered

Response to Jeffrey Pickernell, “The Unity Behind Sartre’s Tripartite Structure of Action”, November 2014, Departmental Graduate Seminar, University of Warwick.

Response to Irina Schumski, “The Particularist Challenge to Kantian Ethics – A Trilemma”, February 2016, Department Graduate Seminar, University of Warwick.


Guest lecture – Mackie’s Error Theory (for Ethics 2015)

Sartre and Existentialism (2014) - GTA for Peter Poellner

Ethics (2015) – GTA for Fabienne Peter

History of Modern Philosophy II (Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason) (2016) – GTA for Johannes Roessler

Elements of Scientific Method (2016) – GTA for Christoph Hoerl


Lead organizer of “Nietzsche Reading Group” for 2 years at Warwick University.


Invited member of the ISNS (The International Society for Nietzsche Studies)


Professor Peter Poellner (University of Warwick) – email:

Professor Aaron Ridley (University of Southampton) – email:

Professor Beatrice Han-Pile (University of Essex) – email:

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