Edgewood Jr/Sr High School of Choice

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Avery Griffin

1170 Grand Cayman Dr. | Merritt Island, FL 32952 | 321-212-9736 | amg10r@my.fsu.edu

Skills Profile

Confident editor

Creative writer

Basic knowledge of Adobe InDesign

Confident in use of Microsoft Office Suite




Quick and eager to learn


Florida State University

August 2010 — August 2014

Tallahassee, FL

Bachelor of Arts in Editing, Writing and Media

Minors in Physics and Music

Eastern Florida State College

August 2009 — May 2010

Cocoa, FL

Dual Enrollment Student

Edgewood Jr/Sr High School of Choice

August 2006 — May 2010

Merritt Island, FL

Ready to Work certificate

Diploma of Distinction

College Board AP Scholar

Work Experience

Engineering Intern, a.i. solutions

May 2012 — July 2012

Merritt Island, FL

Processed and organized data for the Liquid Slosh Database (LSD)

Uploaded data to the LSD

Collected data on nearby lightning strikes and assessed danger to launch vehicles

Support Team Member, Macy’s Inc.

May 2011 — July 2011

Merritt Island, FL

Restocked the sales floor

Re-tagged merchandise in accordance with price adjustments and sales

Organized sales floor after a hectic sale

Sales Associate, The Bath Cottage

August 2010 — January 2011

Cocoa Village, FL

Assisted customers in buying various lotions and bath products

Organized product displays

Restocked shelves

Rang up customers’ purchases with cash register


FEDS of Brevard

March 2014 — Present


Edit and update FEDS of Brevard website

Draft and edit informative literature before mailing

Design new brochure for the 2014 Brevard Buddy Walk

Available upon request

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