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January 17, 2013






Selective Approach

Farmers to get incentives to introduce drip irrigation methods

Uzbekistan continues to actively implement modern agricultural technologies in its agriculture. Particular emphasis was made on the development of drip irrigation.

Today, the country has been implementing a comprehensive package of measures to support and develop farming, to strengthen the material and technical base of farms, to organize efficient management and use of land, water and other natural resources, to improve land-reclamation. Ample privileges and resources, bank loans and investments are being provided on these issues. The quality and efficiency of the services are improving.

The program of measures to continue the improvement of the legal basis for the development of farming, approved at the end of last year, was a further step in this direction. It is planned to strengthen economic independence and financial sustainability of farms. Already today, experts note that this document will play the key role in further expansion of farms’ rights and capabilities. Moreover, it will stimulate efficient use of land and water resources as well as of the existing production facilities. The program is expected to accelerate rural development; it will help to raise the levels of employment and welfare of the rural population, and will promote the introduction of advanced technologies in the agricultural sector.

According to experts, drip irrigation is the crucial method to save water resources and prevent water shortages. Such technique significantly reduces laboriousness, use of fertilizers and water, moreover it increases productivity. Drip irrigation distributes water evenly, so that plants get balanced amount of water; the soil around roots is always moist. Chemical fertilizers are being introduced along with the dripping water; therefore, plant always remains well saturated.

Surkhondaryo region’s farmers actively introduce the new irrigation method. Drip irrigation technology was already introduced there on the territory of more than 128 acres of orchards, over the recent years. According to Amu Surkhon Office of Basin Irrigation Systems, currently, the technology of drip irrigation is effectively used on 27.1 hectares of orchards in Denov district, at 26 acres in Qumqurghon district, at 5 acres in Jarqurghon district, on 50 hectares in Sariosiyo district, and on 10 acres of Oltynsoy and Shurchi districts.

“We apply this technique on six acres of our intensive garden. We have seen from our personal experience that it is convenient, economical and effective method. Water consumption has reduced sharply. Fruits’ quality and yield of the trees increased,” says Abdukodir Muhammadiev, a gardener of the farm Siddiq Sharopov from Qumqurghon district.

It is planned to introduce the technology of drip irrigation on 92 acres of gardens, 10 acres of vineyards and 38 hectares of cotton field in 2013. The new method of irrigation will soon be implemented in orchards, vineyards and cotton fields in farms of Angora, Boysun, Qiziriq, Muzrobod, Termiz, Sherobod, and Uzun districts. In 2012, the unitary enterprise Subtropics Ekinlar Ilmy-Amaliy Markazi, located at Oltynsoy district, approved the drip irrigation on ten hectares of intensive garden, as a result, it gathered rich high-quality yield. This year, the new technology will be used on five acres of vineyards in farms of Kumush Archa and Yangi Turmush districts.

Ahmad Majidov, Head of Yangi Turmush farm:

Uzbekistan has created favorable conditions for peoples’ fruitful work, expansion of farmers, provision of affordable and high-quality food products. These opportunities call for us to be in a constant search, to implement efficient technologies, to make sustainable use of natural resources, to increase the amount of high-quality and affordable food products, thus to improve the well-being of our nation. We grow fruit and grapes on 54 acres of farm’s land. 44 hectares of fields are used to grow five different types of grapes, which are supplied to the population at low prices. This year, we have decided to install drip irrigation on five acres of vineyards in order to increase efficiency. This technology will prevent water shortages in our vineyards, improve product quality, and will reduce the cost of our vitaminized grapes. (Source: Uzbekistan Today newspaper)


"Qorakul" Pumping Station Increases Working Capacities

In our country, a large-scale work is being carried out on the land-reclamation and irrigation system. Much attention is paid to the modernization and reconstruction of existing pumping stations.

In Bukhara, irrigation of planted area is carried out mainly through the hydraulic work of inter-regional management on the operation of the Amu-Bukhara machinery channel and energy management and communications of pumping stations at management of the basin irrigation systems "Amu – Bukhara".

In recent years, a number of projects are being implemented aimed at the reconstruction of these pumping stations and facilitate their effective and smooth operation. In it, foreign investments are also used actively along with the public funds. It can be seen in the project on reconstruction of the pumping station of "Qorakul".

This hydraulic work receiving water from the machine canal "Amu – Qorakul" plays a big role in increasing crop yields. But, it was not working at full capacity, which led to some problems in the water supply in summer, during the growing season.

Taking into account the importance of the pumping station, which provides with water more than 30,000 hectares of land in Qorakul and Olot districts, resolution on measures to ensure the effective use of grants of China for the project "Reconstruction of the pumping station of "Qorakul" was accepted on 6 July 2011 by the President of our country.

The creative work, in which spent 2.3 billion soums (official exchange rate $1=1988.56 UZS), made by the 4th specialized mechanical column at the state association of "O‘rta Osiyo maxsus montaj".

In connection with the successful completion of the project "Reconstruction of the pumping station of "Qorakul" was held a solemn event. Representatives from the regional authorities, responsible organizations, as well as the Chinese partners took part in it.

The event participants spoke about the importance of the project for the development of agriculture of the region realized as a result of technical and economic cooperation between Uzbekistan and China.

According to the contract concluded with a Chinese company "Zhong Yuan China IPPR International Engineering Corp" in the framework of cooperation between Uzbekistan and China, it had delivered units, equipment and spare parts worth 7.3 million USD. Installation of the equipment used for the reconstruction, actively done by the specialists of the company.

As noted the head of the regional department of Energy and Communications of pumping stations Sh.Ashurov, as a result of work on the reconstruction of the water supply increased power and reached to 45 cubic meters per second. Energy efficiency of units also has been raised.

"Today, the pumping station is equipped with modern automated systems," says the specialist Ne’mat Sobirov. "From the control room, we can coordinate the work of aggregates, monitor the technological process of the three-storey building through surveillance cameras. It helps to ensure uninterrupted operation of the structure." (Source: UzA news agency)


Individuals are exempted from property tax in purchase of houses in rural area

Individuals in Uzbekistan are exempted from payment of property tax on purchased houses within the programme on construction of individual houses on standard projects in rural areas.

President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov signed a resolution “On programme on construction of individual houses on standard projects in rural areas for 2013”.

The resolution said that individuals are exempted from payment of property tax on purchased houses within the programme on construction of individual houses on standard projects in rural areas till repayment of mortgage loans.

According to the programme, Uzbekistan will construct 10,000 houses at 353 blocks with total area of 997.1 hectares.

At the same time, it is planned to build 8,510 houses due to loan of the Asian Development Bank and 1,490 houses due to soft mortgage loans and targeted loans of Finance Ministry. (Source:


Zaamin local lore museum reconstructed in Jizzakh region

Zaamin local lore museum has been reconstructed in Jizzakh region of Uzbekistan, a press service of the Ministry of Culture and Sport Affairs of Uzbekistan said.

The construction of the museum’s building was completed in the end of 19th and in the beginning of 20th centuries. Currently, the museum, which was opened in 1996, has over 30,000 exhibits, which include archeology, ethnography and independence departments.

Head of main scientific-production department of Ministry of Culture and Sport Affairs and use of cultural heritage objects Ravshan Mansurov said that the museum was improved and now looks much better.

He added that exhibits are archeological finds, including those from third century. Among exhibits are monuments from Kushan Empire, Karahanid Empire, exhibits from natural mountainous caves, etc. All departments of museums met modern requirements and now it is one of the best museums of Jizzakh region.

Minister of Culture and Sport of Uzbekistan Tursunali Kuziev said that the ministry pays attention to development of museums, located in the regions. (Source:

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