East Lake High School Academy of Engineering

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East Lake High School Academy of Engineering

Fact Sheet

The only requirement for entrance is a good disciplinary record. However, as our courses are rigorous it is to the student’s advantage to be well prepared in math (Algebra I H) and in science (Physical Science H).
The Academy students are grouped together in English, Math, Science, and Social Studies for the first two years to the best of our ability.  We have both honors level and regular levels for most of our academics in 9th grade.

The Engineering classes are only for the Academy students.  It is not possible to take them as electives if you are not in the academy.

All incoming 9th graders will receive a quality point for all of the current Engineering classes (Intro to Engineering Design; Computer Integrated Mfg.; Principles of Engineering; Digital Electronics; Aerospace Engineering; Biotech Engineering; Civil Engineering Architecture; Engineering Design and Development)
Four of the Engineering courses ( IED,CIM,POE;and DE) are given college credits by the Rochester Institute of Technology if the student achieves a 3.0 in the course, passes the national exam and pays the tuition fee (which is currently around $200/course). These classes will also be awarded quality points by the District. Some universities may waive some of their introductory courses upon completion of our program.
Four-Year Typical Course Schedule for students entering in 2012-2013

Students are also required to take one online class for graduation and must pass the EOC’s for Algebra, Geometry, and Biology

9th Grade 10th Grade

English I/English IH*/EngIIH Eng II/EngIIH*/EngIIIH/APEngLang

Math (See Below)* Math (See Below)*

Biology/BiologyH/Earth-Space* Biology/BioH/Chemistry/ChemistryH*

Foreign Language (Rec)/Elective Foreign Language/Elective

Am Gvt/AmGvtH/Elective WH/WH Honors/AP WH*

Elective HOPE (Health/PE Requirement)*

Intro to Engineering Design (IED) Computer Integrated Mfg. (CIM)

11th Grade 12th Grade

EnglishIII/EngIIIH/AP EngLang/DE* English IV/EngIVH/AP EngLit/DE*

AmHist/AmHistH/APAm Hist.* Economics/EconH/APEconomics*

Math (See Below)* Math (See Below)*

PhysicsH/Higher Level Science* PhysicsH/Higher Level Science

Foreign Language/Elective Elective

Elective Foreign Language/Elective

Principles of Engineering or Digital Electronics or Engineering Design & Development (EDD)

Civil/Architecture/ Aero or Biotech Engineering Additional Engineering course or courses

Math Progression

Algebra I/AlgebraIH(Honors available in Middle School only)

Informal Geometry/Geometry/GeometryH

Algebra II/Algebra IIH*

Analysis of FunctionsH/Pre-CalculusH

Probability & Statistics/AP Statistics/Calculus H/AP Calculus AB or BC

*Required for Graduation

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