Driving From Tampa Airport to Anna Maria about 1hr 15 mins

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Driving From Tampa Airport to Anna Maria – about 1hr 15 mins

The car hire desks are just outside across the drop off area from the Baggage reclaim. Make sure you say which Airline you are on when you book your Car Hire. All the usual suspects are here. We find Hertz to be the cheapest. If you book through the UK website they include Insurances which are a lot cheaper than paying at the desks of the other companies.

As you leave the car hire carpark look for Airport Exit.

Keep going to Airport Exit then you will see Interstate signs.

You are heading for the I 275 South towards St Petersburg so get in the left hand lanes.

Keep heading on I 275 south towards St Petersburg then Bradenton or Sarasota for 31 miles until you reach the Sunshine Skyway Bridge. You will need $1.25 for the Toll.

Once over the Skyway after a couple of miles take the US 19 South exit signposted Palmetto/Bradenton.

Watch your speed it’s a 55 Limit. After about 7 miles the US 19 turns into the US 41.

DO NOT take the US 41 Palmetto BUS stay left two lanes and follow US 41 South Bradenton/Sarasota.

After a few miles you go over the manatee river, it’s very wide and in the distance on your left you will see the Manatee Memorial Hospital.

Get in the right hand lane to the right of the solid line with all the arrows on the road going right. Go to the end of this lane and at the lights turn right onto Manatee Avenue ( US 64 ). Stay on this road for 9 miles until you arrive at Anna Maria/Holmes Beach.

Keep going until you pass publix on your left and reach the Manatee County Beach. Turn right and you are in Holmes Beach around 41st Street. The Street numbers go up as you go North.

We are off Key Royale Drive or 66th Street on the right as you go North. Once on Key Royale Drive the streets on your left go alphabetically, Ambasador, Baronet , Concord, Dundee. We are 618 Dundee Lane.


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