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Restricted dictionariescover only a certain specific part of the vocabulary. Restricted dictionaries can be subdivided depending on whether the words are chosen according to the sphere of human activity in which they are used (1), the type of the units themselves (2) or the relations existing between them (3). The first subgroup registers and explains technical terms for various branches of knowledge (medical, linguistic, economical terms, etc.)The second subgroup deals with specific language units, i.e. with phraseological units, abbreviations, neologisms, borrowings, toponyms, dialectal words, proverbs and sayingsThe third subgroup contains a formidable array of synonymic dictionaries. Dictionaries recording the complete vocabulary of some author are called concordances – a list of words used in a body of work, with their immediate contexts: they should be distinguished from those that deal only with difficult words, i.e. glossaries. The example of concordance

2. A great deal has been written in recent years to provide a theoretical basis on which the dictionaries of various types can be compiled. There are many different types of English dictionaries. First of all they may be divided into two main groups: encyclopaedic(describe objects, phenomena, people, etc. and give information about them) and linguistic(describe words, their origin and usage).

It should be noted that some scholars consider this subdivision not so important nowadays, as encyclopaedic and linguistic dictionaries often overlap. Encyclopaedias sometimes indicate the origin of words which belongs to the domain of linguistics. On the other hand, encyclopaedic material is included in many linguistic dictionaries. In addition to information about words, they give facts (in the body of the dictionary or in special sections in the back) about people and places. (Карпова O.M. Лексикографические портреты слоарей современного английского языка. Иваново: Иван. гос. ун-т, 2004. C. 12.)

We shall deal only with linguistic dictionaries, but it may be useful for you to know that the most well known encyclopedias in English are Encyclopaedia Britannica in 30 volumes and Encyclopaedia Americana in 30 volumes. Very popular in Great Britain and the USA are Collier's Encyclopaedia (24 volumes), Encyclopedia International (20 volumes), World Book Encyclopedia in 22 volumes, Chamber's Encyclopaedia and numerous reference books confined to definite fields of knowledge, e.g. World Almanac and Book of Facts, Statesman's Yearbook, The New Century Cyclopedia of Names (3 volumes), Who's Who, Cambridge History of English Literature, Oxford Companion to the Theatre, The Harvard Dictionary of Music, etc.

3. An explanatory dictionary or monolingual dictionary is a dictionary that gives additional information, e. g. on pronunciation, grammar, meaning, etymology etc.[1] Such dictionaries are usually meant for the native speakers of the language.

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