Directions to newton playing fields

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TO NEWTON HIGH SCHOOL – (Football, Boys and Girls Basketball, Wrestling, Track, sub-varsity Baseball) - Take 80 West to Exit 25 (Newton) Bear left to Route 206 North. (11 miles to Newton) Once you reach a sign that reads “Welcome to Newton,” go to the next blinking light and bear left. Proceed one block to West Nelson St on your left. Turn left and go to the end of the road; you will be facing the school
From 206 South - go to the center of town. Go ½ way around the square and at traffic light turn right and stay on 206 south. Go approx. ½ mile to fork in the road with the Iliff Funeral Home in the middle. Bear right onto Ryerson Avenue. The school is on the right side.
Route 23 North – Go to 94 South in Hamburg. Follow Route 94 South to Route 206 South. Follow above directions.
From Sussex – Take Route 565 South past Skylands Baseball Park to Ross’ Corner. Go through light and it becomes 206 South. Follow above directions.
From Route 15 North – Go to 517 (Newton/Franklin) Exit. Go to the light and turn left onto 517 South (Sparta-Newton) Stay on 517 South towards Andover (follow Hospital [H] signs) At the gas station and traffic light, 517 becomes 616. You will pass a “Welcome to Newton” sign. Continue into the town of Newton. At the traffic light by the movie theater, you will turn left onto Madison Street and take it to the end. (This is Route 206) Make a left and then a fast right. You will be facing the school.
From East of Newton – Take Newton Sparta Road west into Newton. Turn left onto Woodside Avenue (traffic light past Chun Bo). Proceed two blocks to Nelson Street and turn right. Go across Route 206 onto West Nelson and proceed to the school. All facilities are at the rear of the building.

TO MERRIAM AVENUE SCHOOL (Tennis, Field Hockey, Lacrosse, ) –
From Route 80 – Take exit 25 to Route 206 North (about 11 miles to Newton) to the first right hand turn (Paterson Avenue) after entering town. Turn right and proceed to Merriam Avenue on the left. (1/4 mile) Turn left and the school is ½ block on your right.
From 206 South – Take 206 South to the center of town and ¾ way around the square. Turn right onto Spring Street and follow this road to Chun Bo Restaurant. Just past Chun Bo, turn right onto Merriam Avenue. Stay on this road; fields and courts are on the left side.
From Route 15 North – Exit 517 (Sparta/Franklin). Left at light onto Rt 517 South (Sparta/Newton) Stay on 517 towards Andover and follow Hospital sign. Stay on 517 South and you will pass a Texaco Station on the left – this becomes Rt 616 (Newton-Sparta Rd) once on this you are approx 7.2 miles from Merriam Avenue School. Look for Chun Bo Restaurant. Turn left on Merriam Avenue at Chun Bo. School is about a half a mile down on the left.
TO MEMORY PARK – Lower Field (Varsity Baseball, Boys Freshman Soccer, Freshman Field Hockey,) From South of Newton Take Route 206 North through town to the second traffic light after the square (Clinton St) Turn right and go one block to Moran Street. Turn left and proceed into the field parking lot. Baseball is to the right as you enter the lot. From north of Newton, take 206 South to the second traffic light (Clinton Street) after the Sussex County Mall. Turn left onto East Clinton Street and go one block to Moran Street. Turn left. From East of Newton, (From Route 15) take Newton-Sparta Road west to the third traffic light after entering Newton. Turn right onto Union Place and go one block to Trinity Street. Turn left and go 2 blocks to Moran Street. Turn right. Go to the end. Parking lot is on your right and so are the fields. (Memory Park is just past DMV Inspection Station)
MEMORY PARK - Upper Field (Varsity & JV Softball) - From South of Newton Take 80 West to Exit 25. Take 206 North all the way. (Approx. 12 miles) Stay on 206 until you see Shop Rite Supermarket on your right. The street right before it (at the light) is South Park Drive. Turn right and continue on to the field. From East of Newton - (From Route 15) Exit at the Sparta/Franklin exit (517) Stay on 517 towards Andover and follow the hospital signs. Stay on 517 South and you will pass a Texaco station on the left - it become Route 616 (Newton-Sparta Road) Follow this all the way to the Town of Newton. It will put you on 206 North. Turn right at the light before Shop-Rite (South Park Drive).
TO SUSSEX COUNTY COLLEGE (Cross Country)From South of Newton take Route 206 North through town to the first traffic light after the square. Turn left onto Mill Street, go about ½ mile to traffic light at Swartswood Road. Turn left and bear right at the fork onto Slate Hill Road. Go up the hill to the parking area on the right. Field is next to parking lot.
TO GOLF AT NEWTON COUNTRY CLUBFrom South of Newton, take Route 206 North to the blinking light and bear right onto County Road 621 (Woodside Ave). Go to the traffic light and turn right onto Sparta Avenue. After you go into Andover, you will pass Drake’s Pond on the left. The first left after the pond is Club Road. Turn left and proceed to the course.
ST. PAUL’S ABBEY – (Boys & Girls Soccer) From Route 80, take 80 west to exit 25 (Newton) Bear left coming off the exit and stay on 206 North. Go about ten miles until you see a Christmas Tree farm on the right side. The fields are here. From South of Newton – Located on Route 206 approx. one mile before you enter Newton – Look for St Paul’s Abbey Gift Shop on right. Field is located on right by Christmas trees. From North of Newton 206 South to St. Paul’s Abbey signs (approx. one mile south of Newton) – field is on left.

From Route 15 Once off Rte 15, you are 9.2 miles from the Abbey fields. Rt 616 to Citgo Gas just past Chun Bo Restaurant. Go left at Citgo Station onto Route 621 and go straight to the stop sign.(blinking light) Proceed through the stop sign onto Route 206 South. Go approx. two miles to the Abbey Fields on your left side (Christmas Tree farm).
KITTATINNY VALLEY STATE PARK – (Cross Country) From South of Newton, take 206 North to Andover, .3 mile past First Student Bus Company and opposite Bob’s Golfwerks and turn right onto Goodale Road. Travel .9 mile; parking lot is on the right. From North of Newton (or Newton itself), reverse these directions and take 206 South or take Newton Sparta Road out of Newton 1.4 miles past Chun Bo Chinese Restaurant. There is a traffic light and the Andover Municipal Building is on your right and Max’s Station House is on your left. Turn right onto Lake IIliff Road, go .2 mile and turn right onto Goodale Road. Go 1.8 miles; parking lot is on your left.

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