Dear Library Friends

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Dear Library Friends,

We cannot express how thankful we are for your ongoing support and offers for assistance. As you may know, our library building suffered major damages during the recent flooding. We lost most of our computers, furniture, office supplies and half of our collection.

In order to restore essential library services, we will set up a temporary library location at the former American Legion Building on 316 Linden St in West Pittston. The Legion building had 1.5 feet of water on the first floor, and the owners are currently working to clean the facility for our use. We will have a 3,000 square foot gym to use. Our community members have told us their most pressing needs are internet access and use of a copy machine.

We are looking to borrow (or will accept as a donation) the following items:

6-8 tables (for patron meeting/ study area) 3 long banquet tables (to create a circulation desk)

5 computer tables (sturdy enough to hold three computers) 2 office desks

29 72" or 82" bookshelves 16 42" or 48" bookshelves

Any office supplies such as pens, pencils, sharpies, paperclips, scissors, tape, mouse pads, paper, stapler and staples

If you will be letting us borrow the item, please make sure you write your name on the item so we can return it to you.

Summer Belles, our Youth Services Coordinator, will be the main contact via email ( for arranging pick-up or drop-off of any items. Ideally, items can be brought to our storage facility on Luzerne Ave.

We will also need help to set up the temporary library in the next coming week or two. The best way to follow our activities is to "like" our Facebook page, which we update several times a day.

We are so grateful to be part of such a wonderful library community!


Anne Bramblett Barr
West Pittston Library
200 Exeter Avenue ~ West Pittston, PA 18643
(p) 570.654.9847 (f) 570.654.8037

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