Deal Announcement – Ashgrove Insurance

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Deal Announcement – Ashgrove Insurance

Integritas are delighted to announce the completion of another successful deal in the general insurance sector. Ashgrove Insurance are a highly successful insurance broker, based in Lancashire and Yorkshire, acquired by the current owners in 2012 since when it has grown significantly through repeat acquisitions.

Integritas have raised funding to enable the company to buy back some minority shareholdings.

Stephen Duffy – Managing Director, commented:

Integritas approached several banks on our behalf and identified Metro Bank as a perfect fit for the funds we were looking to raise. Martin White managed the whole process from start to finish and we now look forward to building a close working relationship with our new bank. An excellent and professional service delivered by the Integritas team.

Martin White, Director of Integritas added:

We have been delighted to work with Stephen and his team at Ashgrove. Metro’s financial support for this business enables them to progress with their continued acquisition strategy.”

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