Date: Friday March 17th or Saturday March 18th 2017 where

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DATE: Friday March 17th or Saturday March 18th 2017

WHERE: The Bridges Golf Club

TIME: 11:00am Shotgun Start

FORMAT: 4 Person Scramble

ENTRY: $60.00/Person - $240.00/Team

INCLUDES: Greens/Cart/Range Fees; Door, Skill, & Place Prizes, Buffet & Beverages After Play

$20 From Each Player Will Be Put Towards Prizes!

Players wearing green will receive an extra door prize ticket!!!

Events will be scored separately, each day will have its own set of prizes


Preferred date: FRIDAY 3/17 ~~~ SATURDAY 3/18

Captain:_________________________ Phone:_________________________

Address: ________________________ Email:__________________________

Player 2: ________________________ Email:__________________________

Player 3: ________________________ Email:__________________________

Player 4: ________________________ Email:__________________________

Limited To First 25 Paid Teams each day ~ Entries/Refunds Deadline: March 15

6729 York Road ~ Abbottstown, PA ~ Attn: St. Patty’s Day

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