Cwt program Location West Palm Beach va

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  1. CWT Program Location West Palm Beach VA

Specific City: West Palm Beach, Florida

  1. Physical Address:

VA Medical Center Name: 7305 N Military Trail

Street Address:

City:    West Palm Beach      

State:     Florida          

Zip:        33410-6400  


  1. Contact:     

Primary Contact:

Alternate Contact Title: CWT Coordinator/Lead Vocational Rehabilitation Specialist

Program Telephone Number: 561-422-6423

Alternate Phone Number:  615-828-6787

  1. Services Provided: (Mark all applicable services with an ‘X’)

CWT/Supported Employment: ___X___   

CWT/Transitional Work: ___X___

CWT/Vocational Assistance: ______

Incentive Therapy: ______

Other (specify):

  1. Days and Hours of Operation:

Monday through Friday, 730am am to 430pm

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