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Pathophysiology of chronic peripheral
696 05.09.2017, iqtisodiy tahlil va audit (1), O’zbekiston Respublikasi Qishloq va suv xo’jaligi vazirligi Sama, iqtisodiyotnazariyasi uzl 1d55d, iqtisodiyotnazariyasi uzl 1d55d, moliya tizimi va moliyaviy siyosat. , i b guruhcha elementlari va xossalari, i b guruhcha elementlari va xossalari, Mavzu Chiziqli tenglamalar sistemasi. Reja, tuzlar. tuzlarning guruhlanishiorta asosli nordon qosh aralash va kompleks tuzlar, tuzlar. tuzlarning guruhlanishiorta asosli nordon qosh aralash va kompleks tuzlar, 2.09-кимёвий-технология-ФД-2018 (2), 2.09-кимёвий-технология-ФД-2018 (2), Moliyaviy tahlil (G'aibnazarov Soburjon), quvvati 63 mva bolgan ikki chulgamli transformatorning releli himoyasi

Ther Adv Chronic Dis

2020, Vol. 11: 1–15

DOI: 10.1177/ 


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Therapeutic Advances in Chronic Disease 1

Special Collection

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Special Collection on the Prevention and Treatment  

of Cardiovascular Disease


Peripheral arterial disease (PAD) is one aspect of 

atherosclerosis. A call to action against PAD is 

needed because it is often undiagnosed or under-

diagnosed. In addition, PAD frequency is higher 

in older individuals (over 65 years old) in socially 

and economically advanced countries. PAD 

patients have a high risk of major cardiovascular 

events (MACE) in both the coronary and carotid 

arteries, although there are several contributory 

risk factors that initiate and progress PAD. 

Advances in research have led to a focus on the 

progressive pathophysiology pathways of PAD. 

This pathophysiology has shifted from a hemody-

namic scenario to a lack of vasodilation, to the 

more recent inclusion of the role of oxidative and 

inflammatory processes. This review summarizes 

old and progressive pathophysiology, targeting 

the most helpful long-term therapies for PAD 



Data sources and search

A literature search strategy was developed by an 

experienced team to screen the medical scientific 

web platform (MEDLINE). The literature search 

included most published papers or reviews dated 

up to 2018. The search used a combination of 

keywords (e.g. peripheral arterial disease, inflam-

mation, biomarkers, pathophysiology, and ther-

apy). Search process results were limited to papers 

published in English.

Data extraction

Each participant in the literature search process 

extracted all relevant data and knowledge on the 

field of the present review, and other participants 

verified the extracted data for accuracy and com-

pleteness. Each author made a judgement regard-

ing whether the results from the search process 

were different or confounding in order to release 

a complete overview of this field in the present 


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