Courtesy of Colorado High School Athletic Association

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Directions To Athletic Events

Courtesy of Colorado High School Athletic Association

BS & TC (Broomfield Swim & Tennis Club), Broomfield. I-25 south to 136th St (Broomfield) exit. Travel west approx. 4.5 miles to Main St. turn left (south) on Main St., approx. 2 miles. The club is located at 250 Main St.
Broomfield High School, Broomfield. #1 Eagle Way. (303) 447-5378. I-25 south to 136th St. Exit (Broomfield Exit). Travel west approximately 6 miles to Main St. Turn left (south) on main St. Travel 1 mile and turn right on Eagle Way.
Centennial Park, Greeley. I-25 south to Hwy 34 East exit to Greeley. (From Hwy 85, take 34 West). Stay on the main Hwy to 23rd Ave. exit in Greeley. Travel north on 23rd Ave. just past Reservoir Rd. (3rd light). Park entrance is on the left, just past the Boy Scout building.
Eaton High School, Eaton. 114 Park. (970) 454-3374. Take Harmony Rd. east. After about 4 miles, E. Harmony Rd. becomes CR 74. Travel 12 miles on CR 74 into Eaton. Turn left onto Park Ave.
Loveland High School, North Lake Tennis Courts: From I-25, Exit Hwy 34 west. Take Hwy 34 to Taft (light after Lake). Take Taft north to 29th. East on 29th to Custard (street after east parking lot of Loveland High School). Take Custard south to dead end. At dead end, turn right. Follow into park parking lot. PLEASE NOTE THERE WILL BE NO PARKING AT LOVELAND HIGH SCHOOL ON FRIDAY AS THE PARKING LOTS WILL BE FULL WITH LOVELAND HIGH STUDENTS.
Mountain View High School and Aquatic Center, Loveland. 3500 Mountain Lion Drive (970) 613-7826. I-25 so to exit 257B (Hwy 34). Go one mile west on Hwy 34 to 2nd stoplight (Boyd Lake Rd.) Turn left on Boyd Lake Rd. to Mountain Lion Drive.
Northridge High School, Greeley. 100 71st Ave. (970) 348-5201. I-25 so. to Hwy 34. East on 34 to 34 Business (10th St.) East to 71st Ave. (1st stop light), North to school on east side.
Pueblo City Park, Pueblo. The easiest way (not the shortest) coming from I-25 south. Take Hwy 50 west (Exit 101) Go under railway bridge to intersection – Pueblo Blvd. Turn left (south) and proceed 4 miles across the river onto the mesa. Turn left at Goodnight into City Park.
Silver Creek High School, Longmont. 4901 Nelson Rd. (720) 494-3721. I-25 so. to Hwy 66 West to Hover. Turn left (south) on Hover and turn right (west) on Nelson. After you pass Airport Rd. you will see the high school on your left.

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