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Course paper

Rashidova Durdona


  • Katherine Mansfield – her life and work. Short stories.


  • Introduction
  • Main part
  • Modernism in English literature. Mansfield`s biography and remarkable events in her life.
  • The impact of World War I to Katherine Mansfield.
  • The place and importance of Mansfield`s works in world literature. Her legacy to world literature.
  • Mansfield`s most famous short stories. Analysis of “The Garden Party”.
  • Conclusion
  • References


The aim of my course paper is

to research Modernism in English literature and to learn about famous short story writer Katherine Mansfield`s life and work, her short stories, legacy and etc.

The subject of my course paper is to conduct research about one of Mansfield`s famous stories. The object of my course paper is to investigate Mansfield`s literary works and the leading themes.

Modernism in English literature

  • Modernism was an international movement which developed in the first decades of the 20th century and was represented by several members of the highest level. It was a period of extraordinary vitality in the history of art. The term “Modernism” contributed to expressing the nature of modern experience. It expressed the desire to break with established forms and subjects. Modernist novelists were characterized by revolutionary styles and themes, particularly influenced by Freud`s theories and Bergson`s philosophy.

The modernists felt the need to innovate the tools of literature: hence, the rejection of the conventions and traditions of the past. All the artistic forms of modernism had common features:

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