Cool Springs Internal Medicine & Pediatrics Clinic Lead Placement for 12 Lead ekg

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Cool Springs Internal Medicine & Pediatrics Clinic

Lead Placement for 12 Lead EKG

Right and Left Arms: Choose fleshy areas above the wrist and below the axillary line

Right and Left Legs: Inner portions of the legs above the ankles

V1: 4th Intercostal Space at the right margin of the sternum

V2: 4th Intercostal Space at the left margin of the sternum

V3: Midway between position of V2 and V4 lead placement

V4: Left 5th intercostal space, mid-clavicular line

V5: Horizontal to V4 at left anterior axillary line

V6: Horizontal to V4/V5 at left mid-axillary line

Procedure for 12 Lead EKG

Prepare patient for the EKG by asking them to change into a gown from the waist up. It should open to the front. Make them comfortable on the exam table. Ensure their arms are supported on each side of the patient and that legs are flat without touching.

If skin is oily, or patient has recently applied lotion to the site, clean with an alcohol prep pads before applying the sensors. If the patient has excessive chest hair, shave the area before applying the sensors. Instruct the patient to lie still and do not talk during the test.

Press PATIENT button, and then press SELECT button. Enter patient information as prompted by the machine. Press the HOME button and proceed with the test. Press EKG to complete and print the test.

Have the EKG reviewed by the physician prior to removing leads.

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