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Doctors Helping the Back-to-School Shoe Program
Tunkhannock, Pa., July 22, 2001 – Dr. Paul J. Herbener and Dr. Brian T. Massimini of Chiropractic & Rehab Associates, P.C. in Tunkhannock, Pa. announce efforts to help Interfaith Friends’ Back-to-School Shoe Program.
Each year, Interfaith Friends receives requests from the community to help outfit children with back-to-school footwear. Dr. Paul Herbener has volunteered to accept a $25 donation to the Back-to-School Shoe Program in exchange for a visit at his office located in Tunkhannock now through August 22.
Interfaith Friends works hard to fulfill each request, so Wyoming County children will have the proper footwear for back-to-school. With an ailing economy, more requests were made than in past years. Let Dr. Herbener and Dr. Massimini help you while helping the area’s kids!
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