­­­­Complaint letter about a taxi driver

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Complaint letter about a taxi driver DHEOI-2
1.Just imagine, sonning butun va kasr qismi belgisi ostida qatnashgan tenglamalarni yechish metodikasi, jadidchilarning marifatparvarlik harakatlari va ularning xalq manaviyatini yuksaltirishdagi orni, Buddizm, Milliy madaniyat, Milliy madaniyat, 215 Saydakbarova M FALSAFA, 2.International thesis Tursunov Anvar Sultanovich, Janubiy Koreya kurs, BEKZOD QODIROV SHHB-1 Mustaqil ish Math, Kiberxavfsizlik asoslari Mavzular, determinantlar va ularning xossalari, ПОСТАНОВЛЕНИ №807, malaka ish mavzulari

­­­­Complaint letter about a taxi driver
Dear Sir:
I am writing to you to make a complaint about your taxi company which I booked on June 22, 2021, for to take me on a journey.
I utilized your service to go on a trip for a rest. However, your service is not as good as you told me. Let me tell you I wrote you several letters about poor status of your service on June 24, 26 and 28. On the contrary I still do not get any response to my letters. Therefor, I am writing to you again to solve this problem and I think you are very apathetic to your company’s problems. Firstly, your driver does not know how to deal with people. In my mind, every staff member should be responsible to his work. In addition, the cab car was not superb good. Because when we were going the car made an unpleasant turbulence and this gave me a headache. Likewise, when we got halfway there, the taxi broke down. Thereupon, I had a difficulty to reach my destination. For this reason I lost any time. To be honest I was not satisfied with your service.
I do not usually complain, but now I had to. As a loyal customer, I hope you will be interested in my reviews. Perhaps I would be appreciated to offer a number of training courses to the staff at your company, to avoid this from happening again.I hope something will be done about this urgently. I hope you will take these points into considerarion.
Yours faithfully,
John Brown.

I do not usually complain, but, as a loyal customer, I hope you

will be interested in my comments. Perhaps it would be
appropriate to offer some training courses to the staff at Dino
Bar, to avoid this from happening again. I feel that customer
service was a big issue, as was the quality of the food. If these
two problems were fixed, then the price might not be such an
issue in the future, as customers would be happy to pay a little
more for a better experience. I hope you will take these points
into consideration
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