Church employee bonus policy

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The Senior Pastor shall annually consider potential Christmas bonuses for church employees.

  1. In any given year when income exceeds expenses (excluding capital expenses), the Senior Pastor may make a recommendation of Christmas bonuses to the Finance Committee.

    1. The pastor shall consult with the deacons and other advisors as he deems necessary.

    2. Pastoral recommendations on bonuses need not be uniform. The pastor shall take into consideration job performance, attitude, loyalty, length of employment at the church and other such work-related considerations. Recommendations shall not be based on considerations unrelated to the employee’s work.

    3. The Finance Committee shall consider the recommendations upon the basis of the guidelines set forth in the Employee Bonuses Policy and in light of sound financial practices.

    4. Amendments deemed financially prudent may be offered by the Finance Committee.

    5. By majority vote of the Finance Committee employee bonuses shall be established.

  2. Only qualified employees shall be eligible for a bonus.

    1. The employee must be in good standing with the church.

    2. The employee must have worked not less than four consecutive months prior to bonus distribution.

    3. The employee must be either a full-time or part-time employee of the church to qualify for a bonus.

      1. A full-time employee is one who works for the church at least 40 hours per week.

      2. A part-time employee is one who works for the church an annual average of more than five hours but less than 40 hours per week.

    4. An employee who in two distinct areas of work meets the eligibility requirements for an employee bonus shall be eligible for a Christmas bonus only in the area in which the greater number of hours is worked. The employee is not eligible for a bonus in both areas of work.

  1. The following guidelines shall govern the Senior Pastor’s recommendation for bonuses.

    1. The total Christmas Bonus package shall not exceed 50% of the church’s net income for the year.

    2. Recommendations for full-time employees shall not exceed 50% of any given employee’s monthly salary including annuity contributions.

    3. Recommendations for part-time employees shall not exceed 50% of any given employee’s monthly salary.

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