Chapter- the mughal empire

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SUBTOPIC- Art and Architecture



Recently, you visited Taj Mahal with your family. You were amazed by the beauty of the monument. It had a lasting impact on you. Write a diary describing your experience. (120 words).

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MATHS:In the project on The Taj mahal, students will depict the lines of symmetry in the monument.

SCIENCE :Study the effects of acid rain on buildings and monuments made up of marble with special focus on Taj Mahal and write:

  • Definition of acid rain.

  • Name of gases responsible for causing acid rain.

  • Five points on effects of acid rain on TajMahal.

  • Draw or paste picture of the same.

SOCIAL SCIENCE:Write the factual description on Taj Mahal –one of the seven wonders of the world ( on A-4 size pastel sheet ) covering the following grounds :

Year of built (Started and completed) , Laid by , In the memory of , Made up of , located at , and any other relevant information associated to it

Also , write your views describing the current status of Taj Mahal in today’s scenario ( The views should not be more than 50-60 words ).

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FRENCH :Write a letter to your friend to describe the beauty of ‘Taj Mahal’ using suitable preposition ,adjectives etc.( 60-80 words).

धर्मशिक्षा :‘ताजमहल एक राष्ट्रीय धरोहर है इसे कैसे सुरक्षित रखा जा सकता है’ इस सम्बन्ध में अपने विचार लिखें-


On the last sheet of project write the Bibliography consisting of all the sites you have visited from where you have taken information.

Instructions:1.Use only A4 size colourful sheets to do the work.

Below is the colour specified for particular subject:

  • English-Blue

  • Moral Education-Orange

  • Hindi-Green(light)

  • French/Sanskrit- purple(light)

  • Mathematics-Yellow

  • Computer-Blue(light)

  • Science-White

  • Social Science-Pink

2.Also design the cover page with following heading & informations:


Chapter:-The Mughal Empire



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