Centennial Celebration

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Centennial Celebration

ECA Members Melba Carrigan, Joan Johnson and Ella Mae Nichols have been busy helping to promote the 100th Anniversary Celebration for Extension Family and Consumer Sciences. Carrigan presented the book Ordinary Women, Extraordinary Service to the Alexander County Friends of the Library on Tuesday, October 11 at CVCC. She is pictured below with their president Dennis Lepsch. Johnson also presented a copy of the book to the Bethlehem Friends of the Library on Tuesday, October 18. She is pictured with the Bethlehem Library Branch Manager Chris Lee and Friends President Bud Caywood. Nichols presented each county commissioner a copy on October 17. Nichols also was a guest on radio station WACB’s “Keeping You in the Know,” with Lisa McLain discussing the centennial celebration with Mary Helen Lackey, Virginia Deal and Margo Mosley. Deal is a lifetime member of ECA and Lackey was a member of the White Plains Club.

Ordinary Women, Extraordinary Service is a coffee table book that highlights the accomplishments of the Extension Family and Consumer Sciences program since it began 100 years ago. It is a tribute to the spirit and dedication of ordinary women, both professionals and volunteers past and present, who have given extraordinary service to family, community and North Carolina.


The book includes chapters that highlight statewide accomplishments during each decade. The last section of the book includes a page for each county describing recent “success” stories of how the program has impacted families, individuals or groups.


The Extension Family and Consumer Sciences program celebrates 100 years of educating North Carolina families. Ordinary Women, Extraordinary Service was published to help commemorate that special milestone. A limited number of books are also available for sale. Contact the Alexander County Center at 828-632-3125.

Congratulations to Friendship Club for placing first with their fair booth, “Everyone’s A Hero!” at the Alexander County Fair!


Friendship Club members Wanda Stafford and Ella Mae Nichols attended the State Council meeting and leadership training on Oct. 24-26, in New Bern. Stafford is the county council president and Nichols is past president. Theme for this year’s meeting was “Cruise Into the Future.”

Extension Opportunities:
2011 is winding down. Help us prepare for 2012!

The planning for 2012 Extension and Community Association (ECA) monthly lesson topics and area meetings will be held on Thursday, November 10, 10-11:30 am in the Extension Center’s small conference room. Each club is encouraged to send at least one representative to this meeting and to poll their members for ideas to share.
2012 Club and Member Dues…

Plus an updated member address list should be sent to the county treasurer Colene Philmon by December 1st. Correct addresses are needed for your Tar Heel and Successful Families subscriptions. THANKS!

Calendar of Events
November 10 Program Planning for 2012, 10 am, Extension Center, Small Conference Room

November 11 County Offices Closed

November 17 Real Money, Real World, West Alexander Middle School

November 24-25 County Offices Closed


Membership in the Alexander Extension and Community Association ...is open to any resident age 18 and older. There are three clubs that meet in a variety of locations throughout the month. If interested in visiting or joining a club, contact the Extension Center for details.

It’s time to FALL BACK, Daylight Savings Time ends on November 6th, at 2 am. Set your clocks back one hour.

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