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SUSI 4.4

Activity 1

SUSI 4.4 Complex Intentions

Activity 1:Tricks

Description of Target: The child will be able to understand the concept of tricks and the mismatch between language and thought

Purpose: To develop the child’s understanding of and ability to manage personal and complex situations



  • Today we are going to think about how people sometimes play tricks on each other

  • Explain a trick as like a lie but it’s for fun

  • The point of a trick is to see if they can get you to believe something that isn’t true

  • Demonstrate using 2 child figures an interaction that involves one playing a trick on the other from the list attached

  • Make explicit reference to the vocabulary i.e. that’s a trick and act out falling for it

  • Repeat the trick but second time, don’t fall for it, and say, ‘you’re only saying that because you want me to think my shoe’s open. It’s only a trick. I’m not going to fall for it’

  • Emphasise key vocabulary and repeat with another trick asking the child to take one of the roles and act out both falling for the trick and not falling for it.

  • As you proceed through add the language that children might use to tease the child if they do fall for it

  • Explain – sometimes children say e.g. ‘made you look made you stare’ etc and so if you hear this then that is a trick

Success Criteria The child will understand the concept of tricks as funny

Input Guidance

Observe the child’s responses and if they are unsuccessful or are finding the task too easy react in one of the following ways:

Ways to make the activity easier:

Ways to increase complexity:

Add examples for thoughts and words

Repeat with a variety of examples

Discuss more complicated situations

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