Burgettstown middle/high school choral department 104 Bavington Road

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104 Bavington Road

Burgettstown, PA 15021

724-947-8100 Ext. 163

Fax 724-947-3325

E-mail: Dbicker@burgettstown.k12.pa.us

Dear Middle School Parent/Guardian:
Your daughter/son has expressed interest in joining one of the middle school choruses. Please sign at the bottom acknowledging that you have read this information and approve of their course selection.
Course descriptions

The Sixth Grade Chorus meets two to three times per week. The Seventh Grade and Eighth Grade Chorus classes meet five times per week. The students take Chorus during the Blue Devil Block period. All choruses emphasize proper vocal technique, ensemble technique, and music reading skills. Stress is given to age appropriate musicianship, aesthetic response including rehearsal and concert etiquette, and responsibilities associated with member sip in a performing organization. Literature of various forms and genres is performed.

Course Requirements

The students are required to attend daily rehearsals. Students join all performing ensembles with the understanding that performances (concerts, etc.) outside the school day announced as a part of the course constitute a part of their grade/evaluation. The two yearly evening concerts (Christmas and spring) are the final exam for the course. Public Performance represents the “final exam” for which students demonstrate “under fire” what they have learned over the semester. Since it is impossible to schedule “make-ups” for those who miss a performance or dress rehearsal, an alternate Class performance is assigned for full credit in concert participation. The students must perform the concert music before the class. Few schedule conflicts arise between choirs and the sport activity programs. Students receive regular grades as in solid subjects.

Fund Raising

Choral Boosters plan fund-raising projects to insure that every choir member will have the opportunity to earn money for the adjudication trip, social events, choir sweat shirts, etc. Money acquired through choral fund-raising programs shall be designated as “student incentives” and will be deposited in the BASD Chorus Activity Account. All transactions will be listed under a specific individual’s “account!” A choir member’s earnings may be used exclusively by the student to pay for his/her share of official Choral Department and Choral Booster functions and promotions. No cash withdrawals are permitted at any time.

All fund-raising projects, choral sponsored purchases, and social events are OPTIONAL! Every choral student has the RIGHT to these programs, but may choose whether he/she will exercise that right.
Your signature affirms that you have read the above information.
STUDENT SIGNATURE ______________________________________

PARENT SIGNATURE ________________________________

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