Bridgeport Little League

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CBL (Majors) Division:
Bridgeport Little League:

Memorial Park is located on the corner of 9th & Grove Street, Bridgeport, PA 19405. The parking lot is directly behind Bridgeport Elementary.

From Dekalb st. cross over bridge and make left onto 2nd street. Proceed on 2nd Street to Mill Street. Make a right onto Mill St. Follow Mill Street to Ford Street. Cross over of Ford St and make an immediate left onto Ninth St. Proceed on Ninth St up the hill until you reach the parking lot at Grove St.  This is the entrance to the park.

From Fayette St. bridge make a right onto River Rd.  follow until you reach the stop sign at 4th st.  Make a right at stop sign and follow to second light.  Turn left onto Ford st. or the which is not the hard left and follow until Ninth St.  Make a left onto Ninth and follow up hill until you reach the parking lot for the field

Conshohocken Little League:

Sutcliff Park - 10th & Freedley St, Conshohocken, PA , 19428

East Norrition Little League:
Paul Fly Elementary – 2920 Potshop Road, Norristown, PA 19403
Traveling West on Germantown Pike (from Plymouth Meeting Area) turn right on Potshop Road (if traveling East turn left on Potshop Road).  School is on your right with fields located behind the school.  To park near fields continue on Potshop (past the school) and turn right on Taft Road.  At first stop sign turn right into school driveway and follow to fields/parking lot.

Flourtown Erdenheim Little League:

50 Bysher Ave, Flourtown, PA 19031

Norristown Little League:

Elmwood Park, Harding Blvd & Sterigere St, Norristown, PA 19401

West Norriton Little League:
The West Norriton little league field located at Burnside Ave at Marshall Street, Norristown, PA 19403.

Whitemarsh Little League:
The Whitemarsh complex is located at Miles Park (Germantown Pike & Joshua Road). 

Pull into the main parking lot off Germantown Pike.  The Majors field is the only field with lights.  There is a Minors field directly behind the Majors field and a field next to the Majors field that can be used by either Majors or Minors.  The Rookie - Machine pitch field is at the extreme rear of the complex at the top of the hill, behind the basketball courts.

Plymouth Little League:
East Plymouth Valley Park of 901 Germantown Pike, Plymouth Meeting, PA 19462

Home fields are located in East Plymouth Valley Park right off of Germantown Pike, in Plymouth Meeting PA. Although owned by the city of Plymouth Meeting, the fields and facilities are all maintained by our volunteers.

Facilities at East Plymouth Valley Park include 4 official Little League regulation fields, and our T-Ball field. The T-Ball games are played on the Plymouth Spartan football field. Field 1, located at the lower left end of the complex is for all Softball. Field 3 located right-center of the complex is for our Rookie (7-8), and Minor League division (9-10). Field 4, at the far end of the complex is for our Junior (13-14) and Senior (15-16) Baseball division. And finally Field 2, located in the center of our complex is home to our Major League (11-12) Division. Field 2 is lighted, and hosted last year’s Little League Pennsylvania State Championship.

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