Both maps illustrate Grange Park at the very time when it was opened in 1920 and now

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Both maps illustrate Grange Park at the very time when it was opened in 1920 and now.

Overall, it’s clear that the park situates between Arnold Avenue, on the north, and Eldon Street, on the south. Over the period, the park was completely changed by new facilities except for only entrances and a small garden left untouched.

One of the most noticeable changes is that the fountain in the middle was replaced by a small rose garden surrounded by seats. We can see the musicians’ stage between two flower gardens on top and bottom and seats on western part of the park in 1920, however, everything except for the garden on northern side was removed and Amphitheatre to hold concerts was built instead.

Moreover, a rose garden and a pond next to it were taken away to create more convenience by having a café and children’s playground on the northern east of Grange. To be replacement of a pond water feature was created in lieu of a glasshouse and seats beside it on the southern east. Today, we can see another entrance for underground parking area on the east
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