Board of education regular meeting mnutes november

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(Taped Meeting)

(Tape mostly inaudible)

Meeting called to order (time unknown)
Pledge of Allegiance
Roll Call: Ralph Cocco, Leo DiSorbo, Martin Hubbard, Beth Colette, Renee Luneau, Brian Nentwick, Kim Kreiger, Brad Tobin (arrived late)
Absent: Sheila Parizo, Kathi Ducharme (excused).
Additions, deletions or corrections Janet Robinson would like to include under resignations, Melody Bowman, a paraprofessional and also Swarnasun Balasubramanian, Middle School math teacher has resigned. Under appointments, Melody Bowman to middle school as long term math substitute.
Motion to accept additions, deletions or corrections made by ? and second by Kim Krieger. Motion passes.
Motion to accept minutes from 10/19/06 by Kim Kreiger and second by Beth Collette, motion passes.
Public portion (inaudible)

Delegations to be heard (inaudible)


In a letter (on file with minutes) from Dr. Janet Robinson, Walter Jadach was congratulated for being named the Connecticut High School Coaches Association’s nominee for consideration as National High School Coach of the Year, 2007.

In a letter from Conn High School Coaches Association, regarding nominations for 2007 National Coach and AD of the year, Walter Jadach was selected to be the 2007 nominee in wrestling.
Sub-Committee Reports - presented by Leo DiSorbo

Administrative Report (inaudible)

Business Report (inaudible)

Community Relations Report (inaudible)
Finance Report – presented by Ron Melnick

Transfers (inaudible)

Expenditures by Vendor (inaudible)

Motion to accept transfers and expenditures as stated by Ron Melnick by Kim Kreiger and second by Leo DiSorbo, motion passes.

Student Representative – presented by Brian Nentwick

Brian presented a cellular telephone policy (on file with minutes).

Superintendent of Schools – Update

Dr. Robinson informed the board Derby received a $54,467.00 grant for writing with technology for the Derby Middle School. It will be used to purchase lap tops, wireless hub, software, professional development and an on-line tool called My Access for writing.

Derby also received a $150,000.00 grant with the help of Joe Crisco and Themis Klarides for an after school program at Irving School. It started one week ago on Monday with 21 students, up to 46 now. We have room for 60 students for a thirty week period. Two parts of the program involves academic and recreational. Teachers hired will carry over the work from the classroom and the recreational part involves the Boys/Girls club.
Professional development was on November 7th and was devoted to instructional strategies. The first part was an introduction to research and what works with today’s students. The second part was games that can be adapted to different grade levels. To understand the different concepts and retaining different information. Throughout the day building vocabulary was stressed. Will talk about improvement plans for students who are not being successful and the hierarchy of intervention plans

Resignations: Amanda Malota, Special Education, Irving

George Tanner, Math, DHS

Denise Barrington, Social Studies, DMS

Swarni Sungari, Math, DMS

Melody Bowman, paraprofessional

Appointments: Lindsay Koreiwo, Paraprofessional, Bradley School

Jacquelynn Romano, Music Teacher\

Michael Gozzo, Social Studies, DMS

Michael McDonald, Math, DHS

Norma D’Amico, Security, DHS

Marsha Pettengill, Security, DHS

Latef Roberts, Freshman Boy’s Head Basketball

Ryan Adams, Indoor Track Boys & Girls, Varsity Head Coach

Jennifer R. Walcott, Softball JV Coach

Melody Bowman, Math, DMS

Transfers: Karen Clark, Paraprofessional, Irving School to Office Aide/Paraprofessional, Bradley

Motion by Renee Luneau to accept resignations, appointments and transfers with a second by Ralph Cocca, motion passes.

Latef Roberts has been moved to JV Boys Basketball Coach

Mr. Slazar has been placed at the freshman boys head basketball coach position
Motion by Renee Luneau with a second by Kim Kreiger, motion passes
Motion to accept resignations, appointments and transfers including the above amendment by Beth Collette and second by Renee Luneau, motion passes
Martin Hubbard: let the record show Brad Tobin left the building at 7:45
New Business

School Sound (inaudible)

(inaudible) ….motion to accept recommendation from communications sub-committee to allow one student for agriculture ……(inaudible)

Security, DHS

Dr. Robinson reported changes at DHS security. The back loading dock area was vulnerable. There is a new system in place. The door is locked and you now need a pass key to enter. If you do not have a pass key there is a buzzer in which to communicate with the secretary. There is no fire hazard because you can lock the door as long as people can get out. They will not be locked in.

Principal’s Report

(mostly inaudible)

Discussion with Linda Coppola from Bradley School regarding improvement plans concerning tutors, data collection. Dr. Robinson said each school has designed their own pyramid.
Discussion with Mr. Gallo (inaudible)
DMS (inaudible) they follow pyramid
Strategic School Profile (report on file with minutes)

(two pages were switched, pg 5 of Irving & Bradley have been flip-flopped)

Dr. Robinson stated the State recognizesDMS as part of DHS. The report includes demographic changes, to our resources as a district. In terms of our staff years of experience, our staff is higher ….(inaudible) district revenues and expenditures and information on student performance. Test scores are outlined. This is a concise document of a picture of Derby schools. It is on-line so someone considering moving to Derby could look at this.
Middle School Plans (inaudible)

Discussion of two options proposed. A free standing building or an addition to the High School.

Motion (inaudible) to approve recommendation for free standing sec (inaudible), motion passes.

Old Business

Memorial policy (second read) (policy on file with minutes)

Motion to adopt policy(1180(a) by Leo DiSorbo and second by Kim Kreiger, motion carries.
Cellular policy (second read) (policy on file with minutes)

Motion to accept policy (5131.81) by student representative B. Nentwick, second by (inaudible).
Discussion …..
Motion to accept policy by Kim Kreiger and second by Mr. Tobin, motion passes.

Report from Re-Districting Committee (inaudible)
Motion to go in to Executive Session by Mr. DiSorbo, second by Ms. Collette, motion carries with an invite to Dr. Robinson and Mr. Ron Melnick to attend.
Regular meeting ends 9:00 P.M.
Motion to come out of Executive Session by Kim Kreiger and second by Beth Collette, no action taken at 9:45 P.M., motion passes.
Respectfully submitted

Denise Cesaroni

Recording Secretary

November 30, 2006
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