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Located on the Atlantic Coast only two hours from Washington, D.C, Baltimore,

MD, or Philadelphia, PA, Rehoboth Beach (and the neighbouring town of Dewey

Beach, about 3 miles away, $2 on the bus) is the ideal destination for the J1er who

is looking to spend their summer on the beach with the option of travelling to the

big cities at weekends. Rehoboth Beach is a beautiful resort town with a milelong

boardwalk packed with restaurants, arcades, shops and cafes. Finding a job

shouldn’t be a problem here! For all things in Rehoboth check out: and

Have your picture taken in front of Dolle's with the big orange sign in the

background and buy some caramel popcorn while you are there.

Eat a Nic-o-Boli at Nicola Pizza, grab a slice of pizza at Grotto.

Stroll down the mile-long boardwalk.


You should take the Greyhound Bus directly to Rehoboth Beach from the Port

Authority Bus Terminal located at 42nd Street & 8th Avenue (off Times Square).

Tickets can be purchased at the Greyhound International ticket desk or online at There is only one departure a day, so make sure you

check the bus time and ensure you are at the station at least 30 minutes before

departure. The journey takes approximately 5½ hours, involves one transfer and

the one-way fare is $49.

Our best advice is to buy a bike at the start of the summer! It’s a great way to get

around and think of the fantastic tan you’ll get and you’ll be as fit as a fiddle by

the end of the summer. You can also rent bikes from Wheels Bike Rentals, 4100

Highway One, Rehoboth or Atlantic Cycles 18 Wilmington Ave, Rehoboth. If

cycling doesn’t do it for you then the Dart First Service,, run

a service between the resorts. Check out the web-page for timetables. The Jolly

Trolley also provides a fun way to travel, this probably more geared towards

tourists. It’s a whacky looking bus that drives around Rehoboth, you can’t miss

it! Nice to try once though!

There is plenty to do in and around Rehoboth Beach – you may fancy just lazing on the beach for the day, but for those of you who would like something more energetic to occupy your day there are activities such as horse riding, tennis, fishing and plenty of water sports and water slides at your disposal. If you fancy a bit of culture then there are plenty of museums and galleries in which to pass the time, and of course for you movie buffs there is a cinema. Finally for all you shopaholics you cannot miss the chance to visit the outlet stores in the area.Delaware is a tax-free state, so the price on display is the price paid, which is a huge advantage. The Rehoboth Beach outlets are rated in the top 20 in the country, and include outlets of Nine West, Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, Nike,

Reebok, Gap and Aeropostale – definitely a good place to spend those wellearned dollars. For further information on all these activities check out

Some of the most popular pubs frequented by J1ers in previous years include theRusty Rudder, Zoggs, Anglers, Starboard and the Summerhouse Saloon. Pubsand clubs generally close around 2am, and they are fairly strict on ID so be careful. Because Rehoboth is mainly a family beach resort, it wasn’t the best place for loud music and partying after 11pm. However, the neighbouring town of Dewey beach is definitely the place to party. With a variety of great pubs and live music, Dewey was definitely ahead of Rehoboth as regards nightlife.

We recommend that anyone who is going to Rehoboth tries to find accommodation in Dewey Beach, as the police are much less strict on noise after 11pm there, and there were generally less problems with the rentals. Commuting to Rehoboth from Dewey would be no problem if working in Rehoboth, the local bus that serves between the two generally allows students working in Rehoboth

to travel for free during the day. About two thirds of students who stayed in Rehoboth Beach in previous years found accommodation in apartments. The average rent in Rehoboth is between $85 - $90 p/week. The majority of studentsalso arranged accommodation before they arrived, so it is definitely worth checking out websites for accommodation – but be careful when it comes to

paying deposits etc – it is always safest to wait until you see the apartment before you hand over any cash, or at least go through reputable realtors so you don’t get ripped off. Some useful websites to try include (the best website for any seasonal accommodation in the States), this website gives a list of Real Estate agents in the area. These are always good to check out, although make sure to check whether the agents charge a finder’s fee for finding you an apartment – often this can be as much as one month’s rent,so watch out. Also check out for more accommodation listings.

The notice boards in The Chamber of Commerce and Post Offices may also be a good source of information. If you find a real estate agent that you wish to use, you can also check their credibility with the Chamber of Commerce.

Rehoboth Beach-Dewey Beach Chamber of Commerce

P.O. Box 216, 501 Rehoboth Avenue

Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971-0216

Phone: 302-227-2233 or 800-441-1329

Fax: 302-227-8351


Waiting tables is by far the best job a J1er can get over the summer, even though the basic wage is generally very low, the tips more than make up for it. However in most areas you must be 21 in order to work as waiters/waitress. Some restaurants that have employed J1ers in previous years are; Grotto Pizza (a very popular spot for J1ers to find work – check out or call 302 227 3601), Ruby Tuesdays, Plaza Gourmet, Nicola Pizza (,

Coffee Mill Café, Camel’s Hump, Obie’s By the Sea and Madison’s Restaurant.

Here are some more restaurants to try:

Abstractions Sushi Bar and Restaurant The Back Porch Cafe

203 Rehoboth Ave 59 Rehoboth Ave

302-226-0877 302-227-3674

Applebee's Neighborhood Grill & Bar Arena's Famous Deli Bar

1270 Ocean Outlets 149 Rehoboth Ave

302-226-5307 302-227-1272

Catcher's Restaurant & Raw Bar Chez la Mer

249 Rehoboth Avenue 2nd St at Wilmington Ave

302-227-1808 302-227-6494

Crabby Dick’s Marketplace & Grill Dippin’ Dots

4534 Highway One 29 Rehoboth Avenue

302-645-9132 410-208-1540

DISH! Restaurant & Gallery Espuma Restaurant

26 Baltimore Ave 28 Wilmington and First Street

302-226-2112 302-227-4199

Go Fish Iguana Grill

24 Rehoboth Ave 52 Baltimore Avenue

302-226-1044 302-227-0948

Irish Eyes Jammin Joes

52B Rehoboth Ave 10 First Street

302-227-5758 302-227-8699

Just In Thyme La La Land

Highway One at 31 Robinson Drive 22 Wilmington Avenue

302-227-3100 302-227-3887

Liberty Grill Nicola Pizza

4121 Highway One 8 North First Street

302-227-9440 302-227-6211

Pasqualini’s Bakery Purple Parrot Grill

101 Atlantic Avenue 247 Rehoboth Avenue

302-227-2111 302 - 226-1139
The Roadhouse Steak Joint Sir Guy's Restaurant & Pub

Route 1 at Midway Shopping Center 243 Rehoboth Avenue

302-645-8273 302-227-7616

S.O.B.’s Deli Victoria’s Restaurant

56 Baltimore Ave 2 Olive Ave on the Boardwalk

302-226-2226 302-227-0615

Summer House Restaurant & Saloon Yesterday’s All American Café.

228 Rehoboth Avenue 511 North Boardwalk, Unit B

302-227-3895 302-226-5444

Rita's Ices, Cones, Shakes and other Cool Stuff

4155 Highway One


Jake's Seafood House Restaurant

First Street between Baltimore & Maryland Avenues


Other places to look for jobs include shops and factory outlets, like the Wacky Bear Factory (call 302 226 3200), The Happy Fish Inc. (email, the T-Shirt Factory, Sun n’ Fun and the Nike Factory Store (call 302 2262950 or email Also try Atlantic Sands Hotel (phone 800 422 0600) where there are also waiting jobs available, and Seaside Amusements Inc. (phone 302 227 2785 or email


Tip between 15%-20% on your restaurant/bar bill or cab-fare. $1 per drink


Minimum wage is $6.15 p/h, except in tipping positions where it's $2.83 - $3.09


If under 21 don't look for bar/waiter/waitressing work. It's not legal to serve

drink as a minor.

Take the FIRST job you get, the first 3 weeks are the most expensive of the

whole summer, you can always leave when you get another one.

Negotiate when you're taking an apartment, it can't hurt & may save you a



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