Away bethany Reformed South Bethlehem Town Park Thursday, May 4 ~ 6: 30 home

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2017 DRC Softball Schedule

Date & Time Opponent Field

Thursday, April 27 ~ 6:30 AWAY

Bethany Reformed

South Bethlehem Town Park

Thursday, May 4 ~ 6:30


Delmar Presbyterian

Henry Hudson Town Park

Thursday, May 11

~ BYE ~

Thursday, May 18 ~ 6:30 AWAY

Bethlehem Lutheran

South Bethlehem Town Park

Thursday, May 25 ~ 6:30


First Reformed ~ Wynantskill

Henry Hudson Town Park

Thursday, June 1 ~ 6:30


Delmar Fire Department

Delmar Fire Department

Thursday, June 8 ~ 6:30


Bethlehem Community Church

Bethlehem High School

JV field

Thursday, June 15 ~ 6:30


First United Methodist ~ Delmar

Bethlehem Middle School (Field A)

Tuesday, June 22 ~ 6:30


Masonic Lodge

South Bethlehem Town Park

Thursday, June 30 – 6:30


Slingerlands Fire Department

Bethlehem Middle School (Field 2)

Thursday, July 7 – 6:30


Bethlehem Community

South Bethlehem Town Park

Directions to the softball fields

Henry Hudson Town Park Field

From Delmar: Elsmere Ave to Feura Bush Rd. Left on Feura Bush to Wemple Rd. Right on Wemple, across Rte 9W to Rte 144. Right (South) on Rte 144 about 2 miles to Barent-Winne Rd. Left on Barent-Winne. Bear left at the fork to the park. Address: Barent Winne Road, Selkirk, New York 12158

South Bethlehem Town Park Field

Take Route 32 south toward Feura Bush. Turn left on County Rte 102/Old Quarry Rd (first left after ice cream shop). Proceed about 2 miles. Turn left on County Rte 54/South Albany Road/Bells Crossing Road. In about 1 mile this turns into County Rte 53/South Albany Road. Proceed about another 2 miles. Turn left on Wylie Lane to the park and field. (mileages are very rough.)

Address: 20 Wylie Lane, Bethlehem, New York 12161
Bethlehem Central Middle School Fields

From Delaware Avenue, take Elsmere Avenue to the first light. Turn right on Kenwood Avenue. School is on left. Address: 332 Kenwood Ave, Delmar, NY 12054

Field 1 (#4) is located behind the school, through the trees beyond the track, next to the tennis courts.
Delmar Fire Department Field

From the Delmar Bypass (Route 32), exit south at the light on Murray Avenue. Proceed .7 miles to Feura Bush Road. Turn right at the Haswell Farms development. Proceed .3 miles to the driveway on the right, across from Flint Drive and before the Fire House.

Address: 799 Feura Bush Road, Delmar, NY 12054

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