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Available Afternoon Workshops
FDK (Kindergarten Focus)

Come dressed for the weather! We will be spending some time outside playing with loose parts and documenting the process. We will connect outdoor play to self-regulation, management strategies, and engaging learning opportunities. We will discuss pedagogical documentation and the importance of observing to enhance the write up of anecdotal comments. Finally, we will take the time to share how it all comes together in the FDK curriculum overall expectations.

Mathematics: Create the Passion (Primary/Junior Focus)
What gets students excited about math?  Getting up, moving around, and manipulating the concepts.  Using a constructivist approach participants will walk away with an understanding of recursive (spiraling) approach to teaching mathematics, how to use and the significance of vertical whiteboards, and how to use handheld devices effectively.

Physical Education (All Divisions)

Ever wondered how to set up a great physical education program??  Come out and learn a few tips from a great team of physical education teachers.  Some great ideas for low organizational games will also be discussed. Please come prepared to be active - proper gym clothes and shoes are required as this is a hands-on workshop!

Teaching the Health Curriculum (All Divisions)

This workshop will focus on the recent changes to the new health curriculum. Ideas for classroom implementation and dealing with students around sensitive issues will be discussed.

Rage Against The Machine - Engaging Intermediate Learners Through Pop and Protest (Intermediate Focus)

In this interactive workshop, participants will engage in activities related to an Integrated Language Arts / Social Studies / Music unit, entitled “Rage Against the Machine”, which explores the protest song as a tool for social change. Through this unit, students examine the history and issues that “drive” the marriage of “pop and protest”, as well as the power of musical protest in current music genres such as rap, grunge, and hip hop.

Health and Wellness for Teachers (All divisions)

Teaching can be stressful! As teachers we often forget to take care of ourselves as well as our students. Come out to this great session and learn some tips about stress management, work life balance, healthy eating, fitness, and self-compassion. Let’s learn how to take care of ourselves!

Music: Stomp! (All divisions)

STOMP is Broadway percussion show with “found instruments” such as

garbage cans, basket balls, kitchen utensils, etc. For this session, we will be running through my STOMP unit. This will inculde YOU trying things, and putting a little routine together. Don’t be scared: it will be FUN!Wear clothes that you can move in. And if you’d like, and feel inspired, bring a ‘set’ of something that you think may work for STOMP (e.g., a ladel, wooden spoon, etc).

Download 209,11 Kb.

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