Astjk0024 Donor: devco donor Project code: aca/2016/373-575

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annex 18: Publication of local tender

(Tender Notice)

Project Title: «Enhancing Water and Natural Resources Management and Protection in upper catchments of Zarafshon Watershed»

Cesvi project Code: ASTJK0024

Donor: DEVCO

Donor Project code: ACA/2016/373-575

Procedure Code: ASTJK0024/OLT/01

Budget line:;;;

Procurement notice

CESVI is an international NGO, with headquarters in Italy, operating in Tajikistan. CESVI being part of the WHH Consortium in Zarafshon Valley has received a grant from European Commission for the implementation of a Rural Development Programme 1 contract ACA/2016/373-575 with the above mentioned title

In the framework of this contract CESVI has to procure the following items

Material for GABIONS divided in 3 lots

Applicants interested in the tender can collect the tender dossier from the 04th of April 2017 to 14th April 2017 at Cesvi Office, 124 M. Tursunzoda st, Dushanbe (Entrance time: 09.00am– 12.00am ) or asking by email electronic copy of tender dossier to this address

The envelopes with tender quotations must be handed to the above address before H 10.00am on the 24/04/2017. This deadline has to be considered as a fix term and CESVI will not accept any delay justification even if due to the post service.

Any application received after this deadline will not be considered.


Head of Mission

Giuseppe Bonati

Dushanbe 07 April 2017

C ESVI Dushanbe, 124 Mirzo Tursunzoda Str., Dushanbe, Tajikistan

Tel: +992 44600 63 02, Email: dushanbe@cesvioverseas

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