Assignment#7 Task Translate into Uzbek or Russian, paying attention to the words of national coloring. Try to deduce from the sentences below the important role of culture in grasping the meaning

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Assignment 7
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Task 1. Translate into Uzbek or Russian, paying attention to the words of national 
coloring. Try to deduce from the sentences below the important role of culture in grasping 
the meaning. 
The buildings of the University are measured by the mile. 
Университетнинг бинолари милялаб ўлчанади. 
Здания университета имеют в длину несколько миль. 
The difficulty in the translation is the noun mile which refers to the group of words 
national coloring having no equivalents in the other languages. (It is a length measure). The way 
of translation transliteration — миля.
The pragmatic aim is to preserve the national coloring of 
the English language. 
1. He extracted every ounce of emotion from Rachmaninov's third concert. In 1904 
Martin Arrowsmith was an Arts and Science Junoir and he was preparing for medical school. 
2. She took off her stockings and walked around on the grass. (S, 
3. I have never failed to read the Literary Supplement of «The Times*. 
4. The NATO representatives are unlikely to come to any agreement. («Moscow N
5. 1 got a cab outside the hotel, but I didn't have the faintest damn idea where 1 was 
(J. Salinger.)
6. 1 wondered if the poor devil had been hammered on the Stock Exchange or run over 
by an omnibus. 
7. The distance the man traveled covered many miles. 
8. The Austrian trenches were above on the hill-side only a few yards from the Italian 
lines. (Ј. 
9. He heard Mrs. Baines’s voice like a voice in a nightmare. 
10. There was old Jollying in Stanhop Place; the James in Park Lane, Swithin in the 
lonely glory of orange and blue chambers in Hyde Park Mansions ,..(J. 
Task 2. Provide Uzbek or Russian equivalents to the following phraseological units 
paying attention to cultural aspects of languages. State the way of translation. 
Model 1.
On the seventh heaven (Idiom) 

Арши аълода 

На седьмом небе 
The way of translation; Absolute equivalents.
Model 2.
It was all Greek to me (Idiom) 
— жумбоқ-(лексик эквивалент) 
— китайская грамота-(ФЕ) 
The way of translation: Translation by analogy 
Model 3.
to kill two birds with one stone 

бир ўқ билан икки қуѐнни урмоқ 

убить двух зайцев одним выстрелом 
The way of translation: Translation by analogy 
Model 4.
a bone of contention (Idiom) 
-Баҳсга(жанжалга) сабабчи бўлган нарса 
-яблоко раздора 
The way of translating; translation by analogy (Russ);
Lack of adequance; Descriptive translation (Uzb).
If it is understandable, here are the phraseological units for you to translate and analyze 
from cultural point of view: 

1. She was taken aback. 
2. I've been out of sorts all day. 
3. to make both ends meet 
4. to pull oneself together 
5. to give oneself airs 
6. to lose one's head 
7. to be reduced to a skeleton 
8. To rob Peter, to pay Paul 
9. like a weather cock in the wind 
10. kill the goose that lays the golden eggs 

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