Assignment 2 Surname: Muzafarov group frl096 date

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10-SINF FIZIKA KONSPEKT TO'LIQ 2018, 1-ON baza, LabaratoriyaN4, kimyo-uz, 1574921035, ehtimollar nazariyasi , tuzlar. tuzlarning guruhlanishiorta asosli nordon qosh aralash va kompleks tuzlar, Nikoh va oilaning aхloqiy asoslari, Nikoh va oilaning aхloqiy asoslari, tartib oidalari, Услуб Амал.ТССЯ амалиёт, Manqurtliik va zamonam, Manqurtliik va zamonam, O
Subject: English

Assignment 2

Surname: Muzafarov group_FRL096_____ date: 29.11.2019

1. Write verbs in brackets using zero or first conditional :( 1 point for each correct answer)

1. With the tablets, if the technician does not know the way to a job, he or she will use GPS to find the way there.

2. If I have a problem with the computer, I will let you know.

3. If the weather is fine at weekend, we will go to the mountains.

4. If a technician needs to order a new part, he or she sends a message electronically.
2. Match words with their definitions. One word is extra. (1 point for each correct answer)
5. Part of a browser that helps to find things __d___ e. license terms
6. Switch a computer off and on again____h____ b. WAN
7. Split a hard drive into parts

that act like separate drives___e_____ c. reboot

8. Copy data to another place so that you

don’t lose it ____g______ d. search bar

9. Rules about how you can use software _a______ e. partition

10. Part of network that covers a large area____b____ f. dongle

11. Handy devise used to connect g. back up

a laptop or other mobile device to the net __d_____

h. restart

3.Describe the picture using Present Continuous : (1 point for each correct answer)

12. Happy family is having a lunch together at the restaurant.

13. The baby is eating a delicious sandwich.

14. His mother is smiling and looking at photographer.

15. His father is holding a glass of water in his right hand.

Total score: 15 Points
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