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Florida State Employees’ Charitable Campaign 2008

211 Palm Beach/Treasure Coast, Inc.

211 helpline is a confidential community service which provides immediate guidance and support for people who find themselves without answers to problems they may face. (561) 547-8637 6.41%

Achievement Center for Children and Families

Provide comprehensive services to educate, support and resource at-risk children, youth and families ensuring success in school and improve quality of family and community life. (561) 276-0520 10.36%

Adopt-A-Family of the Palm Beaches, Inc.

Our mission is to restore families in crisis to stability and self-sufficiency by providing access to all encompassing services for families with children. (561) 253-1361 16.94%

Aid to Victims of Domestics Abuse, Inc.

Provide emergency shelter with supportive services, transitional housing and non-residential support, education, advocacy and intervention to victims of domestic abuse and those at risk. (561) 265-3797 15.36%

Alzheimer's Community Care, Inc.

Specialized community based care for individuals and families affected by Alzheimer's disease and related dementia disorders, including specialized day care, nursing case management and caregiver support. (561) 683-2700 12.51%

American Heart Association, Inc.

To reduce disability and death from cardiovascular disease and stroke through research, public and professional education and community programs. (561) 615-3888 22.51%

American Red Cross, Greater Palm Beach Area Chapter

We are a humanitarian organization led by volunteers to provide relief to victims of disaster and help people prevent, prepare for and respond to emergencies. (561) 833-7711 21.59%

Boys & Girls Clubs of Palm Beach County, Inc.

Youth development organization that provides before/after school childcare for families from disadvantaged circumstances. Programs include: homework help/tutoring, prevention programs, arts, sports and recreation. (561) 683-3287 9.25%

Catholic Charities, Diocese of Palm Beach

Catholic Charities provides professional social services throughout a five county area. Counseling, transitional living, refugee/immigration services, after school programs, guardianship, senior housing, etc. (561) 775-9560 13.01%

Center for Family Services of Palm Beach County, Inc. (The)

Providing individual group and family counseling dealing with child abuse, domestic violence, addictions, marital and emotional problems and homeless shelter. (561) 616-1222 11.18%

Children's Case Management Organization, Inc. (d.b.a. Families First of Palm Beach County

Families First provides comprehensive case management services for high risk families in order to create opportunities to embrace their hope, strength and potential for change. (561) 721-2887 4.82%

Children's Home Society of Florida, South Coastal Division

Provides a variety of prevention and intervention services to assure healthy, safe and stable homes for local children. (561) 868-4316 16.74%

Children's Place at Home Safe, Inc. (dba Home Safe)

Home Safe provides shelter care, group and individual therapy, family therapy, and community outreach programming for children impacted by abuse, neglect and family violence. (561) 433-0060 10.61%

Coalition for Independent Living Options, Inc.

The Coalition for Independent Living Options, Inc. is a non-profit organization that provides advocacy and independent living services to people with disabilities. (561) 966-4288 20.33%

Consumer Credit Counseling Service

Consumer Credit Counseling Service is a nonprofit United Way agency providing free, confidential financial crisis counseling, consumer education, debt management programs and comprehensive housing counseling. (561) 515-2301 14.48%

Deaf Services Center of Palm Beach County

Assists people with hearing disabilities achieve communication access through information, referrals, client assistance, hearing aids, special telecommunications and other assistive equipment, community education and advocacy. (561) 802-3353 6.85%

Florence Fuller Child Development Center

Child Development Centers for economically disadvantaged children ages one month to thirteen years. (561) 391-7274 14.97%

Girl Scouts of Palm Glades Council, Inc.

Girl Scouts builds girls of courage, confidence and character who make the world a better place. (561) 427-0175 17.84%

Glades Area Association for Retarded Citizens, Inc.

Vocational Independent living community inclusion and life skills training for adults with mental retardation or other developmental disabilities who reside in Western Palm Beach County. (561) 996-9583 9.28%

Guatemalan Maya Center, Inc. (The)

TGMC provides pre/post natal assistance; 2 after-school programs, 2 VPKs; emergency aid; disaster relief; immigration & day labor help; family and teen programs & Maya cultural events; transportation. (561) 547-1007 1.86%

Jeff Industries , Inc.

We offer vocational and educational programs, job placement, paid employment, social and employability skills development for at risk ESE youth and adults with chronic mental illnesses. (561) 547-9258 11.25%

Jewish Community Center of Greater Palm Beaches, Inc.

The JCC provides early childhood education, after school care, senior programs and services, senior meals program, recreation classes and facilities for Palm Beach County residents. (561) 712-5251 22.39%

Legal Aid Society of the Palm Beach County, Inc.

To provide high quality civil legal advice and representation and education to the disadvantaged individuals and families in Palm Beach County. (561) 822-9753 7.76%

Lord's Place, Inc. (The)

The Lord's Place is committed to ending homelessness by providing housing, food, education, and support services that promote self-sufficiency, self-reliance and a stable environment. (561) 494-0125 15.96%

Mae Volen Senior Center, Inc.

Provides transportation, adult day health care, in-home services, education and socialization and meals to the frail elderly to maintain their independence and prevent premature institutionalization. (561) 395-8920 8.62%

New Hope Charities, Inc.

We strengthen the community by focusing on the family units needs by providing educational, recreational, life skills, health programs as well as feeding program. (561) 366-5094 18.89%

Opportunity Inc. of Palm Beach

To offer low cost quality pre-school child care educational programming and parent support to low income families, single parent families and families in crisis. (561) 712-9221 22.74%

Palm Beach County Literacy Coalition

Provides recruitment and referral of adult students and tutors; coordinates family, children's, workplace literacy programs; trains staff at child care centers and after school programs. (561) 279-9103 5.79%

Palm Beach Habilitation Center, Inc.

Since 1959, the Palm Beach Habilitation Center has provided employment, community job placement, residential and senior activities for individuals with mental, emotional and physical disabilities. (561) 965-8500 8.38%

Redlands Christian Migrant Association

Provides high quality child development services to farmworker and rural low income families in centers, childcare homes, after school, dropout prevention programs and charter schools. (239) 658-3560 10.58%

Ruth Rales Jewish Family Service of South Palm Beach County, Inc.

Meets the psychological and social service needs of individuals and families in South Palm Beach County from childhood through old age. (561) 852-3333 11.65%

The ARC, Palm Beach County

Provides early intervention developmental and therapeutic programs, residential facilities, vocational training, respite and recreation for 1800 people who are developmentally disabled. (561) 842-3213 16.20%

Thelma B. Pittman Jupiter Pre-School, Inc.

Provide quality early childhood education at affordable rate to low-moderate income families (birth-5) years of age. Program helps to improve and strengthen the family unit. (561) 746-7120 8.26%

United Way of Palm Beach County

We are leading community organization focused on what matters most-producing positive results to meet the most critical need in our community. (561) 375-6637 11.03%

Urban League of Palm Beach, Inc.

Non-profit providing to Palm Beach County residents as liaison between business community, city and county governments and community based organizations concerning welfare of economically disadvantaged. (561) 833-1461 19.15%

Young Women's Christian Association of Palm Beach County, Florida

Operates two child development centers, a domestic violence shelter, transitional housing for homeless families, weekly activities program for 9-13 year old girls. (561) 640-0050 5.48%

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