Appendix c public involvement process and survey results public meetings

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Okanogan County Outdoor Recreation Plan 2/04




There were 3 public meetings held in Okanogan, Oroville, and Twisp. Surveys were handed out and public interest was sought for their input. This is what they picked for their priorities

How would you rate the need for the following additional facilities?

Item Points

Off road hiking and biking trails 30

Indoor Pool and recreation center 23

Trail from Okanogan to Omak Eastside Park (Greenway) 17

Nature and interpretive centers and fish and wildlife habitat areas 12

River/Lake access sites 9

On road bicycles shoulder lanes 7

Community center for cultural and social events 6

Off leash dog park 5

Fishing piers docks and shoreline sites 4

Equestrian arena 4

Indoor play areas for children under five 4

Kayak, canoe or other non-motorized boat launches 3

Historical interpretive sites 3

Horse trails and riding areas 2

Nordic ski trails 1

These are not in any order just a list gleaned from the Okanogan public meeting.

Trails from Conconully via Andrews Lake to Salmon Creek

Greenway trail from Stampede Grounds to Okanogan on East side of River.

Bike/Hike loop from Okanogan to Omak to Conconully up Salmon Creek.

Hike trail to Omak Lake area.

Rock climb out of Riverside.

Flats down the ravine to Hospital on Elmway.

Trails up Vick Smith Road to Salmon Creek.

Trail from Lower Conconully Lake to Salmon Falls.

Greenway trail from North Country Oroville to Okanogan.

Bike route to Grand Coulee.

Swim area in Grand Coulee.

Campsite along Okanogan River for Canoes.

Keep Hwy. 20 as a bike route to Methow trails and provide more pull outs for RV’s on grade.

Rebuild Salmon Meadows lodge.


How would you rate the need for the following additional facilities?

Item Points

Take care of existing backcountry trail system 44

Off road hiking and biking trails 42

Mineral prospecting-panning, sluicing, high banking and dredging 18

Indoor Horse Arena 15

Trap and skeet shooting 14

On-road bicycle shoulders/lanes 13

Rodeo facilities 13

River/Lake access sites 11

Equestrian arenas 9

Horse trails and riding areas 8

Historical interpretive sites 7

Sitzmark Ski Area/Highlands Sno-Park 7

Snowmobile Trails 7

Picnic tables, shelters and other outdoor group activities areas 6

Off Road Vehicle Trails 5

Power Boat launch ramps 5

Fishing Docks and Piers 4

Farmers Markets 4

Kayak, canoe or other non-motorized boat launches 3

Molson Museum 3

Skate Parks 3

Indoor Pool 3

Nature and interpretive centers and fish and wildlife habitat areas 2

Barter Fair 2

Ice skating 1

Trails from French Creek to Coleman Ridge to 4 Point Lake.

Trails from 30-Mile Creek to Dill Creek.

Goat Wall trail.

Frog Pond trail.

Old PLT connection.

Improve Cub Creek trail.

Boat access at Weeman Bridge.

Similkameen trail Oroville to Nighthawk to Canadian Border.

Trail from Oroville to Chesaw to Ferry County.

Tonasket to Fish Lake trail.

Chopaka Natural Area Preserve trail from Cold Springs to Hurley Peak.
How would you rate the need for the following additional facilities?

Item Points

Ice Skating Rink/Trail head in Winthrop 41

Winthrop S. End bridge trail extend to school 17

As irrigation ditches are piped do it so trails for walkers can be located on top 15

On road bicycle shoulder/lanes 10

Horse trails and riding areas 9

Bridge 9

Acquire walker/fish access on Methow River 8

New lodge at Loup Loup with restrooms 6

Off rod hiking and biking trails 5

Playgrounds and children play area 5

Nordic ski trails 5

Snowmobile trails 5

Movie Theater 5

Okanogan/Omak Greenway trail 5

Similkameen-Nighthawk to Oroville trail 5

Historic interpretive sites 3

Bathrooms at MVCT trailheads 1

Soccer Fields 1

Twisp to Winthrop Trail 1

Loup Loup facilities upgrade restrooms and develop more trails around Loup Loup Ski area.

Four foot shoulder for bike safety.

Bike lane sidewalk trails in Twisp.

Connecting trail from Twisp to Winthrop.

Maintain public fishing area.

Winthrop South end Pedestrian trail.

Town trailhead in Winthrop to ice rink.

Improve boat launch at Red Barn.

Parasailing launch site.

Surface Methow Community Trail.

Trails from School to town of Winthrop

Community trail from War Creek to Eagle Creek to Oval Lakes.

Indoor pool in Winthrop.

Historic tour of Winthrop, Mazama, and Harts Pass.

Improve town trail in Winthrop.

Gunn Road trail.

Make ditches ROW and connect to Methow trail.

Connect MVSTA to West Fork of Chewuch River.

2003 Online Recreational Survey

Okanogan County sponsored an online recreational survey to better understand the recreational trends and user preferences of the community. The online survey was designed and pre-tested prior to being uploaded to the County’s web site. A total of 307 completed surveys were completed during a two week period in February 2003. To ensure participation of citizens without access to the internet, hard copies of the survey were left at libraries and other public venues. County staff manually entered the responses from the completed hard copy surveys directly into the computer. The geographic distribution of the survey respondents is summarized within Table 1. Survey results were evaluated using Microsoft Excel. Summary percentages were generated for each question, using the total responses generated for that question as a basis for the statistical analysis.

Table 1. Geographic distribution of survey respondents

Zip code

# Respondents

% of Total


















































































No zip code



Survey Results Summary

Recreational facilities are very important to those members of the community who responded to the 2003 Okanogan County Recreational Survey. Nearly 75% of respondents stated that parks, trails, and other recreational facilities were “very important” to their families. Interestingly, a similar proportion of respondents (79%) believe that parks, trails, and recreational facilities were “very important” contributor to the economy of Okanogan County.
Question #1 inquired, “Which recreational facilities do you or your family use and how often?” Respondents to this question indicated how frequently (daily, weekly, monthly semi-annually, annually, and never) they visited a list of twenty-seven local, state, and federal recreational facilities. Though survey respondents make use of local, state, federal, and private recreational facilities throughout the County, city park facilities are visited less frequently than state, federal, and private recreational facilities. Omak, Twisp, Okanogan and Winthrop parks received the most frequent daily and weekly visitation, among the twelve local parks included within the survey. Over 30% of respondents to each question visited a state park, campground, and/or water access point on a monthly or more frequent basis. Just under 30% of survey respondents made use of snow-based recreational sites, including snowmobile sno-parks and Nordic skiing sno-parks, on a monthly or more frequent basis. U.S. Forest Service campgrounds and trails are frequented by 50% of survey respondents, on a monthly or more frequent basis. Private recreational facilities, including athletic clubs, bowling alleys, gun clubs, are frequented by just under 50% of survey respondents on a monthly or more frequent basis.
To ensure the recreational survey adequately captured the wide range of recreational facilities used within Okanogan County, question #2 was an open ended question that inquired, “Are there other recreational facilities, not listed in question #1, that you or your family use and how often? There was no statistically significant responses to this question, though the following facilities received more than one response: golf courses, boat landings, private shooting clubs, private land w/permission, Winthrop ice rink, Fairgrounds/arena for equestrian activities, snowmobile trails, wilderness trails/campgrounds, and Sitzmark Ski Area.
Survey respondents participate in a wide range of recreational activities. Question #3 was a close-ended question, “What recreational activities do you and your family participate in and how often?” Over 30% of respondents to this question participated in the following recreational activities on a monthly or more frequent basis: Nordic skiing, alpine skiing, mountain bicycling, playgrounds, indoor play/meeting areas, picnicking, fishing, and equestrian activities. Nearly 50% of respondents took part in rodeo activities on an annual or semi-annual basis and 50% also listed swimming as an activity they participated in on a monthly or more frequent basis. Over 55% of respondents to this question listed that they drove for pleasure, on a monthly or more frequent basis. Over 60% of respondents to this question identified that hiking/walking on trails was an activity they participated in on a monthly or more frequent basis. Wildlife and bird watching, on a monthly or more frequent basis, was a favored activity for over 66% of respondents to this question.
To ensure the recreational survey captured the extensive array of recreational activities pursued by survey respondents, question #4 asked an open ended question, “ Are there other recreational facilities, not listed in question #3, that you and/or your family participate in?” 10% of respondents to this question listed Four Wheeling/ATV/Off-road activities. 3% or more of respondents to this question identified that they participated in the following activities: camping, running on trails/roads, snowboarding, backcountry skiing, wildflower walks, hunting/gathering, bird watching, farmers market, equestrian trail riding, equestrian events, shooting sports, and non-motorized boating.
The survey also assessed the degree to which the community believed new recreational facilities were needed within Okanogan County. Question #9, a close-ended question, listed twenty-five recreational facilities and asked respondents to rate the need for these facilities on a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 being the lowest need and 5 being the highest need. 30% of respondents to this question identified the following recreational facilities to be the highest need: horse trails/riding arenas; playgrounds and child play areas; river/lake access sites; and nature and interpretive centers for fish/wildlife. 40% of respondents to this question indicated the following facilities to be the highest need: off-road hiking and biking trails and off-road bicycle shoulders/lanes. Over 30% of respondents to this question identified the following recreational facilities to be a lowest need: off-road vehicle trails; powerboat launches; snowmobile trails; and rodeo facilities. Over 20% of respondents to this question identified the following recreational facilities to be a lowest need: ice skating; downhill skiing areas; baseball/softball fields; tennis courts; skate board and in-line skating; and other horse facilities.
To ensure this survey captured the entire range of recreational facility types that are needed in Okanogan County, an additional open-ended question (question #10) requested survey respondents to list facility types that were not included in the previous close-ended question. Two recreational facility types were identified as ‘needed’ by 10% of the respondents to this question, including: (1) off-street, non-motorized trails and, (2) an indoor, year-round swimming pool. 3% or more of the respondents to this question listed the following recreational facility types as ‘needed’: interpretive trails, hiking/walking trails, dedicated bicycle lanes/shoulders, Nordic ski trails, dog park, river trails, improved trail access to rivers/shorelines, improved boat launches, indoor equestrian facility, equestrian trails, ATV riding opportunities, picnic areas, bathrooms, and ice skating rinks. Responses to this question reinforced many of the recreational facility types identified as ‘highest need’ within the previous close-ended question. It is important to note that several respondents to this question clearly stated their preference for no new recreational facilities. These respondents stated that the existing inventory of recreational facilities requires a realistic maintenance plan and funding sources.
The remainder of this summary report includes 105 verbatim responses to the last question on the survey, “please share your priorities, comments, and/or general suggestions for parks, recreation, and trails projects within Okanogan County.”

  1. I would like to see a complete multipurpose shooting facility developed on the Game Department owned lands in Scotch Creek Basin. They have thousands of acres; a safe place to develop a range; room for a formal 1000 yard Highpower Rifle Range; Sporting Clays; Silhouette; great weather conditions generally; and down in that valley; hardly any wind. They also have Pitman Robertson Funds that are supposed to be used for hunter safety and range development. They should use some of it here.: : A facility such as I have described could become a destination range; attracting events and shooters from around the Northwest. It is very conceivable that it would be full every weekend with Highpower; Silhouette; Black Powder (Muzzle Loader) Rendezvous; Black Powder Cartridge Rifle Competitions; Archery Competitions; and shotgun sports. This use would be compatible with other hunting and shooting related activities that are popular in Okanogan County; and improve our tourism opportunities. I believe that a range complex could be constructed and operated in a way that did not materially detract from the present use of the land for forage production and Sharp Tail Grouse Habitat as the areas between the firing lines could still be used for hay production. (Just a little more work to swath and bale the hay because of going around the firing lines.) The actual amount of land taken out of production would be very small. : : AND; it would create a situation where the people who own the land; and pay the taxes for the Pitman Robertson Funds got some benefit out of their investments.

  2. With tourism such a priority today; anything that will attract people to our area and keep them coming back is strongly urged.

  3. Comment: Visitors will drive long distances for trails; but not tennis courts. The County should focus on recreation that will bring visitors from out of county with a higher priority. In marketing you want to go where everyone else IS NOT. Therefore; if the County wanted an economic opportunity it should strengthen its program for ORV's. ORV's have been shut out of so many places. Most are responsible people and if Okanogan County featured some miles of trails or an ORV play area it would be a big draw. They tend to spend more per person than the more passive activity participants. The County could manage the ORV area or roads and do a pilot project on a small scale to test the theory. I am not a big ORV participant; but from the economic point of view this could be a fantastic chance for the County to be a MAJOR destination for one type of adventure. Maybe the desert area rather than a forest area might be selected. Something to think about. : : Regardless of the ORV idea -- we should encourage trail and park use of the day-use type. We want heads in beds in resorts; motels and camps. The stores and restaurants want patrons. Thank you.

  4. I've heard that there is proposal to convert the old railroad grade (along the Similkameen River) from Oroville to Nighthawk into a no motorized trail. We drive this route from Tonasket to Oroville often because it is such a beautiful valley and full of visible mining history (the sluiced hillsides); the old railroad grade; the wonderful; but sadly deteriorating buildings in Loomis and Nighthawk). This is a great opportunity to allow people to experience this place on food or bike. Interpretive signage along the route would be very educational. I hope this proposal becomes a reality.

  5. Trail projects such as the PNT trail add to the county greatly. Facilities for organized activities and a lower priority to me as the schools have lots of room for those types of things.

  6. Trail projects such as the PNT trail add to the county greatly. Facilities for organized activities and a lower priority to me as the schools have lots of room for those types of things.

  7. Need more ATV trails for summer use.

  8. Lots of RV camping areas; facilities; and amenities. Why not push these too?

  9. Recreation is obviously very important for residents. My suggestions are keyed toward visitors and economic development. Okanogan county can offer visitors an outdoors; non-motorized experience that is hard to find in other places. Work with what you've got; and you will draw more tourism.

  10. I wish the county would get into the park business big time. Perhaps take over from the state the various state parks that are faced with cutbacks. From an economic development standpoint; it would be about time. Also perhaps the county could partner with the Omak golf course and expand its size to 18 holes. It would be of enormous economic impact. Follow the model as developed in Spokane and get the county involved in golf in a big way. Tourism would grow and we could become part of the greater Okanogan region's burgeoning number of golf courses.

  11. Recreational facilities will bring resources to all parts of the county. I received a postcard from Alaska that I thought was a good idea. They listed all the things to do and where and you could send for their book if you wanted to. It was an interesting idea as you could see what was available in each area of Alaska. Just a thought. I know it all costs but we have to promote ourselves for tourism. Thank you.

  12. Tourism is the future of the county; we need to have developed recreation areas that will entertain and encourage residents and attract visitors.

  13. Okanogan county need to promote recreation on our area

  14. Please do not allow power boats and jet skis on Green Lake! They are dangerous to swimmers and detrimental to the environment and obnoxious!

  15. Okanogan County has good access to outdoor facilities that are similar to School activities (football; baseball etc.) or motor sports but is very under served in nature type trails except in the higher elevations. We have very little non-motorized access to water bodies like along rivers; creeks etc. WE are missing the boat on these opportunities both for our residents and visitors ($$$).

  16. Existing facilities are probably adequate for the existing need. Focused attention on linkages between existing facilities and communities is needed. Focused energy on developing comprehensive maintenance and facility development plans for the existing parks and facilities is desperately needed. Building new facilities without long-term maintenance commitment is mot a good idea.

  17. Except in the Methow; there are pitifully few hiking or skiing trails in this beautiful county. We need them desperately. Also; forbid jet skis and add new non-motorized boat launches.

  18. Indoor Horse riding facilities: More large meeting/convention facilities

  19. More Horse Camps so that everyone is not at the Twisp Horse Camp. People from outside the area fill it up so that the locals sometimes cannot use it.

  20. My main comment; is that for the life of me I can't think of a single park the county maintains. Unless the fairgrounds are being considered a park! I believe all the parks within the county are all city maintained parks.

  21. I would like to see funding allocated to build play equipment and develop the parks to be more family friendly. I would be willing to donate time; money and physical energy to see this happen.: I would also like to see Omak/Okanogan make use of being so close to the river and develop "spaces" for enjoyment which could also draw tourist's.

  22. I really enjoy hiking in North Central Washington and recommend Tiffany Mountain for everyone...Great panoramic views.

  23. Need more areas with running water. Not just restrooms but sinks and water fountains.

  24. There are so many wide open spaces to recreate in that taking money to develop more may not be top priority at this time; but when economy improves

  25. My question is what is the need for lights on the field along Rodeo Trail Road at night; and who pays for the electricity to keep the lights on? It seems like a waste of money to keep the lights on; when there doesn't seem to be a need for them; especially during the winter. Someone must be paying the electric bill to light up a vacant field at night. Could there be a better way to spend the money besides lighting up a vacant field? Could the lights only be turned on when the field is being used at night? I hate to see money wasted on something like this when there must be other projects more appropriate than lighting up a vacant field at night that no one is using. I would appreciate any information you can provide on this subject. Please email me at Thank you; Teresa

  26. Thank you for the opportunity to give input. I really like to walk at the site south of the water treatment plant south of Ione St. in Okanogan - it would make a great interpretive center for birding and plants.

  27. Okanogan Sports Complex needs to be properly finished and then maintained. The facilities are severely lacking in Okanogan county for youth activities. The schools by themselves do not have the space ot the money to provide for all of the youth activites. Not only would this be good for kids; but would bring in more money.

  28. I think that the road system on the National Forest is a wonderful asset for snow machining; ATV and ORV recreation; hunting and fishing access; and should remain open for public use.: : I do not support spending local or state funds to construct trails for recreational use. If someone wants to take a walk in the woods; let them walk through the woods.: : I personally think that the teenagers in the valley need employment opportunities more than they need recreational opportunities. If they had more work opportunities they wouldn't have so much time to think they need to be entertained.: : I also think we should focus on the recreational interests of the residents of Okanogan County; and not what the coasties want us to make available to them. In my opinion; we will not enjoy much more economic benefit from the recreational use of our area than we currently have. I could even suggest that recreational use of our area has had a detrimental effect on the real economy of the area. That is because when someone comes into our area; they want to catch our fish; kill our deer; and enjoy our woods. They are ignorant of the way that natural systems work; so they support environmental regulations or organizations that attempt to limit or eliminate our traditional resource extraction and management industries such as timber harvesting (the goose that laid the golden access roads throughout the forests; provided access for fire suppression; and allowed managers to respond in proactive fashion when there was a forest health problem that needed attention) and cattle grazing; (the most efficient way to keep herbaceous vegetation in check thus reducing the chances for catastrophic fires) Now our enlightened environmentalist friends want more Federal money spent to build and maintain trail access to the forests; while at the same time closing off the roads that have been the traditional access routes. Then they want fires controlled so that they don't impact recreational opportunities; but they don't want to see cattle wandering around where they are hiking "cause they might step in the doo doo".: : Pandering to out of area recreation interests is like inviting your mother in law to live with you. They take over your house; tell you how to run your business; bitch when you want to watch the football game; tell you that you need to replace your carpet; and don't pay for anything. In comparison; the out of area recreation visitors buy 5th wheels trailers and motorhomes in Seattle and Spokane; buy their groceries; gas and propane in the City where they are cheaper; come over here; catch our fish; kill our deer; dump their garbage; empty their holding tanks; and go home. They might not even buy a pack of chewing gun while they’re here. NO THANK YOU!

  29. Do anything that will promote the tourist to return to the Okanogan time and again.

  30. Need a safe indoor Swimming Pool so we have a place to workout in the cold time here.

  31. I believe Okanogan County provides a variety of services for recreation and I think we need to provide funding for maintenance of our current facilities.: My family takes advantage of the Eastside Park from Spring to Fall; swimming; walking; Stampede; skate park; soccer etc. What a wonderful area with many opportunities.

  32. Shoreline trail through the Omak and Okanogan communities.: Bicycle trails

  33. A nice picnic area where a group of friends and family can gather. Also; nice walking/hiking trails

  34. I think creating a trail along the river in Omak or Okanogan for walking; jogging; biking; and skating as well as wildlife watching should be made a high priority. I've spent time in Chelan and Wenatchee where they have such a trail in the city. It's a very pleasant place for residents and visitors alike. It helps to increase the livability of the city and attracts businesses to the city.

  35. I'm very excited about the hiking trail that the club in Oroville is working on and would give them #1 priority. Also; would like to see more support for the salmon viewing; education; and festivals.

  36. Longer; easier accessed; more peaceful biking and hiking trails within and between Omak and Okanogan.

  37. Well managed parks and other recreational facilities add to the quality of life in a community. : Management requires monetary investment of the host entity. A system of county campgrounds that were funded by the users would enhance the options for locals and visitors. A pass system for locals and non-locals could be a funding mechanism that would provide more options as the state and national funding cuts reduce options for low cost recreational opportunities.

  38. First priority should be to enhance quality of life for area residents; second priority should be to attract tourist dollars.

  39. We need an indoor horse riding facility!!

  40. A big reason I live in the Okanogan is the close proximity of recreational opportunities which for me are nordic skiing; mountain biking; hiking; etc. I feel the greatest need in the Okanogan Valley is a year-round swimming pool and a bona fide ice rink. It's a shame to have to go to Canada (Penticton) to swim or skate in the winter.

  41. In the Upper Methow; non-motorized recreation provides the essential economic driver. While motorized recreation may be appropriate in some areas of the county; increases in motorized recreation in the Upper Methow may threaten an already stressed local economy.

  42. Pools and youth independent activity places and a real community center in Oroville.

  43. The major reason I do not use any town parks is because of the use of pesticides/herbicides. I am sensitive to these; and I get sick sitting on the grass in Oroville or Tonasket.

  44. Use of recreation facilities to draw tourists for tournaments and unique opportunities (river access etc)

  45. More ATV trails for aged and handicapped

  46. More ATV trails for aged and handicapped

  47. Since Okanogan County has an abundance of undeveloped areas; we should leverage that advantage and encourage eco-tourism; wildlife observation; hiking and other low-impact activities that will not cost much to implement. The hotels and other service industries will flourish and taxpayers will not have to invest much in infrastructure.

  48. The Methow Valley desperately needs soccer fields. 105 players were involved last fall; nearly 1/6 of the entire school district population. We do not have adequate facilities for these players.

  49. Winthrop/Twisp area has many soccer players both youth; teen; and adult yet has NO SOCCER FIELDS

  50. Need more funding for enforcement of inappropriate use of off-road vehicles and snowmobiles.

  51. Youth sports such as nordic skiing; soccer; alpine skiing... that encourage kids to go outside should be given a high priority. And activities and recreation sites that benefit people who live in Ok. County should be given precedent over those that benefit people visiting here.

  52. We have a huge need for soccer fields. The Methow Valley has a solid soccer program for ages 5-19 but not one soccer field!

  53. Please do what you can to get an indoor swimming pool built in this county. There is a tremendous need for safe; year-round activities; especially for children and teens.

  54. Major investment in facilities for recreation should focus on those that are readily available to family use. As an economic 'driver'; recreation does not generate huge income to most counties; rather it is a 'quality of life' issue that improves opportunities for overall economic growth. Recreation facilities should be constructed in wildlands (ski trails; bike trails; etc.) only after balancing the likely loss of income associated with elevated visual sensitivity associated with the 'urbanized' values of users. In most cases; manufacturing and primary production wages are 2-4 times the average wage of a recreation worker. A "family wage" from recreation is seldom possible given the low cost to users of facilities. Government investment in infrastructure is often less than the cost of annual maintenance and operations costs. It is unlikely that government receipts will recapture these costs. Even those recreational categories listed that involve large capital outlays (boating; snow machining; nordic skiing; etc.) result in very few dollars spent in the local economy. Particularly for activities that occur in non-winter conditions; few dollars are actually spent within the county as many people bring 'self contained' campers to live in while they exploit local recreational experiences.

  55. Multi-use athletic fields; especially soccer fields; need a very smooth surface for soccer and few fields are truly smooth.

  56. Although snowmobiling is enjoyed by a small fraction of the population they have a disproportionately large area in which they can operate. Their presence precludes other activities. I would like their range of operation greatly reduced.

  57. I would like to note that my high scores of 3-5 do NOT necessarily reflect a need for NEW or additional rec sites; but maintenance of existing ones.

  58. It is very important to keep natural and wild areas this way; natural and wild. There are many people that come from other places to experience the beautiful Okanogan. These people spend money. This income is sustainable as long as we have many beautiful places for people to experience. This is on going and growing.

  59. I think there is a truly great opportunity to develop non-motorized trails along the right-of-ways of irrigation ditches in the Methow Valley. Because of water concerns; the irrigation ditches are in a state of change. I think eventually they will be piped or abandoned. : Think Rails-to-Trails; which provided wonderful non-motorized routes when the trains were abandoned around the west.: The Chewuch Canal; which runs from Boulder Creek; in and out of Pearrygin Lake; to even with the North Cascades Smokejumper Base would be a wonderful candidate. The Chewuch Canal Board has already entertained this idea. People applied for a grant for an engineering feasibility study; which they did not win. Recreation as well as water-preserving money could be brought to help pipe Methow Valley ditches deeply enough that non-motorized traffic could travel the right-of-way over the top of the pipe--providing recreation and helping save the traditional water source at the same time.: Please include the possibility of using abandoned or piped irrigation ditch right-of-ways as non-motorized recreation routes in your planning.

  60. We would like to see more time and effort put into maintaining good grooming and incorporation of shelters into the Bear Mtn trail system at the Loup. It has great potential as a premiere xc system to attract people to recreate here. Would also like to see improvements in Loup infrastructure etc. The other thing the community lacks is a gathering place for community events that is affordable to improve the sense of community here. Many other communities have them.

  61. Get rid of tribe cops

  62. Winthrop area needs a good quality soccer field. Winthrop could also support a refrigerated ice rink

  63. Methow Community Trail: County ditches and trails: State Park trail heads: Methow River access: Methow River facilities: indoor pool Winthrop: improved facilities Loup: bike lanes: historic tours

  64. I think we have adequate recreational facilities. They need to be maintained.

  65. Riverfront trail like Wenatchee: bike lanes on all roads

  66. We see the new trail system as the best way to develop the economy in the Okanogan and still preserve a encourage quality of life that we all appreciate and love

  67. Pnt trail : pool indoor: skateboard park in Oroville: rock climbing facility in Oroville

  68. Power to you with the trail project!

  69. I think anything to attract tourist is important to Okanogan County.

  70. Comment: Visitors will drive long distances for trails; but not tennis courts. The County needs adventures that are what people don't have in cities. It is hard to compete with the nature; riding and hiking opportunities in the Okanogan. This is one chance for economic improvement for the county. It will help spread forest use from high usage areas to low usage areas. Impact will be minimal due to rainfall and climate compared with other places.

  71. We like to snowmobile on trails in the forest. We feel this causes no damage. We would be happy if the new hiking trails allowed us to use these in the winter.

  72. There should be a few of the water bars and tank traps filled back in to open up more access for retrieving game; or for fire fighting purposes. Other than that; the trails and recreation in this county are just fine and maintained well enough. Thank you for your time.

  73. Should support and compliment the trail system managed by MVSTA. Public water access should be a high priority. There is WAY too much motorized use of Pearrygin Lake.

  74. A completion of the trail I believe is called the pacific crest trail through Oroville would be nice. Oroville is the 1st town after a 2 or 3 day hike over the cascades for people to replenish supplies.

  75. Don't utilize much of the areas parks as I live in my own park.

  76. More trails; nonmotorized boat access (for kayaks and canoes); designated scenic driving routes with historical and natural resources interpretive signage. Improve your tourism marketing and make this county more interesting for people from the west side to visit. Most people who come to visit for the first time are amazed at the beauty of the countryside -- you aren't getting the word out. Recreational improvements would further entice people who want to experience the area by hiking; biking; Nordic skiing; kayaking or canoeing; and driving by car. Capitalize on your wildlife viewing opportunities -- great birdwatching here. Market these opportunities!

  77. No further comments

  78. Parks are in need of more funding

  79. I'd like to see the old RR grade between Night Hawk and Oroville opened as a hiking/biking trail featuring interpretive signage discussing the heritage; particularly the mining and RR heritage; of the area.

  80. I think emphasis should be on maintaining present facilities & programs first; then updating them before going on to providing new ones.

  81. Continue to expand trails and projects which have the potential to draw tourists from out of the area by emphasizing our natural beauty; history and culture.

  82. This is a good start; now do something with this information.

  83. Dogs off leash should be allowed in parks and on trails

  84. The County's highest priority should be to build on or improve what we already have.

  85. I would like to see the existing areas maintained and expanded; rather than add new areas.

  86. Quality soccer and multi-purpose fields; plus good outdoor and indoor "combi" courts- basketball; badminton; volleyball; etc.

  87. I believe a city run YMCA type exercise club WITH Indoor POOL would be extremely well received and used by the community.

  88. Tourism may be the saving of Okanogan County economically; the county should be foremost in doing whatever it can to aide the economy; whatever that may be. Tourism is providing that avenue.

  89. I think On-road bicycle shoulders/lanes and Off-road hiking and biking trails would be a great idea. More and more people are riding bikes including kids. We need to make sure; especially because of traffic; adults and kids can ride their bikes in traffic safely. Have you ever ridden a bike here in town; it can be scary for bike rider and Car driver both. Also biking and hiking trails would be safer for everyone not to mention a lot of out of towner's looking for great hiking and biking trails with great scenic views! Once word gets around about these kind of areas; we could get a lot more tourists and biking groups for this area. Which would help out some on our Local economy.

  90. Trails: recognize and sign the old Indian trail from Oroville; past the HeHe Stone (which should be rebuilt); through Chesaw into the Kettle Valley of Canada; where it led to the headwaters of the Columbia River. The HeHe Stone is said to have been the most important Indian monument in the Okanogan Region (Okanogan Highlands Echos (History book).: Also; a cross country trail/summer biking & walking trail; from Sitzmark to Chesaw; would enhance winter and summer sports in the Mt. Bonaparte area. Work with the Nordic Ski Club; the Molson Museum and Molson Grange to map and create this new trail.

  91. Incorporate horse drawn travel into the plan; utilize the stagecoach for a western adventure trip that's a few hours or so long say from Loomis to Conconully on the back road; put road houses in place or run between Oroville and Nighthawk on the old railroad line on the south side of the river

  92. Please allocate monies for upkeep of the facilities that are already built before building new ones

  93. Put money into our only alpine facility

  94. We have so much offered to us in Okanogan Co. I do not see any reason to spend monies on more just maintain what we have!

  95. Horse folks coming into our areas to ride the trails generates income for our county; but if the trails are not kept open and MAINTAINED; we will lose not only that added income but the opportunity and god given right to enjoy the high country.

  96. We feel that a window of time in the spring should be allowed to open all access trails by chainsaw; including the wilderness.

  97. Prohibit use of motorized boats on small swimming lakes; such as Green and Leader Lake. Include dog usage on trails for walking and running; and fenced off leash areas for exercise and socialization. Thank you

  98. The recreation facilities and opportunities are left to be discovered by residents and visitors. Individual public entities have brochures on their various recreational opportunities but a comprehensive one showing all options for recreation would greatly help.

  99. Recreation in Okanogan County is one of the main tourist attractions. Don't ruin it.

  100. I'm not so sure we need new facilities-just would like to see use of space already restricted opened up again; and maintained; especially FS roads.

  101. Priorities: What will bring tourism money to the county.

  102. Sign-up list for adopt a park; trail etc. for clean up and up keep. A great summer idea for people of all ages.

  103. Work with usfs and DNR to maintain or improve existing backcountry trails

  104. More access (non-motorized) to natural sites.

  105. Short loop trails: attractive trail bridges: user friendly signs: trails shelters: benches along trails: interpretive trails: horse trails: mountain bike trails: nature trails

Okanogan County Outdoor Recreation Plan February 2004


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