Anthony Gazzia, ei

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project CAINE

Anthony Gazzia, EI

Electrical Designer


Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC, 2009


Engineering in Training (EIT), 2009

Computer Applications

Professional History

  • Crenshaw Consulting Engineers (5/2007-6/2012)

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Mr. Gazzia has over six years of professional experience as an Electrical Designer. He has developed power, lighting, and fire alarm drawings for use in commercial, medical, residential, and military construction from small, fast track projects to large scale projects. As Sr. Electrical Designer at Project Caine, Inc. he works with a team of designers and engineers to determine design approach and scope from client’s scope of services, existing drawings, site evaluation and surveys. He is responsible for the design and preparation of construction documents of electrical systems including power distribution, co-generation plants, interior lighting, site lighting, fire alarms, elevator recall systems, security systems, telecommunications, and control systems always insuring strict adherence to NFPA Fire Alarm and Energy codes.
Wilton Manors – North Dixie Highway Street Scaping project, Wilton Manors, Florida. Project Caine, Inc. provided electrical design services for the installation of new pedestrian level lighting on a roadway improvement project. The project included the installation of new bicycle lanes, curbing, sidewalks and pedestrian level lighting.

Sunset Islands 3 and 4, Miami-Beach, Florida. Design-build of two new large storm water pumping stations. Services provided included electrical engineering design to power the new pumping stations which included a SCADA System and the ability to-repower existing street lights. Construction costs: $7,750,000.00

Coral Springs Roadway Lighting and Park Receptacles, Coral Springs, Florida. Electrical engineering services provided for new lighting on 31st Court in Coral Springs and various park receptacles. Construction costs: $4,100,000
Bridgewater Residences, Palm Beach County, Florida. A new 100 unit complex consisting of five different unit types of residences.
Paula Bowers Residence, Seminole Reservation, Florida. A 3,500 SF Single family residence in the Seminole Reservation. The project included a whole house generator.
Thelma Alcohol and Addition Center, Jupiter, Florida. Engineering design for an approximately 11,000 SF new free standing building. Services included site lighting and a site photometric plan
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project CAINE

Anthony Gazzia, EI

Electrical Designer

Asia Condo, Miami, Florida. Interior fit out of an existing shell apartment condominium. The project renovation was approximately 2,000 SF. The proposal included the design of a Lighting Control System.
Sunny Isles Restaurant, Sunny Isles Beach, Florida. Project Caine, Inc. completed the lighting design and plumbing design for a new restaurant on the Sunny Isles Fishing Pier. The restaurant is a white vanilla box with roof top AC units which was sized and selected.

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