An international magazine for young people is doing a series of reviews of books/films called

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An international magazine for young people is doing a series of reviews of books/films called I had to see/read it again! You have been asked to contribute a 250-word review of a book or film that you have read or seen more than once and which made a deep impression. Give some background information to the book or film, briefly describe the contents and then summarise your feelings about it and why it made an impact on you.

Hollywood Homicide (2003)

Hollywood Homicide, directed and scripted by Ron Shelton, is set in Los Angeles, USA. The main characters are the always-refreshed Harrison Ford as a veteran homicide detective and a highly charismatic Josh Hartnett as the eager rookie. A perfect couple for a completely new twist on a cop film.

The plot centres on Joe Gavilan (Harrison Ford) investigating a shooting in a LA rap club while himself is being investigated by Internal Affairs for commingling. In fact, not only is Gavilan mixing his police duties with some amateur work as an estate agent, but Gavilan's younger partner K.C. Calden (Josh Hartnett) is also an instructor in a yoga class, and wants to become an actor.

Ford follows the clues that lead him to a record company which might have had one of his bands executed to discourage the others from trying to break the labour contracts they had signed. As they chase the suspects, you can appreciate all the familiar landmarks in Los Angeles such as Beverly Hills and Mt. Olympus in Hollywood Hills.

The cinema-goer will certainly feels seduced by Ford’s solid, perpetually gentle presence in this action-comedy in which he is paired with the sweet eyes and perfect complexion of Josh Hartnett.

Hollywood Homicide is the perfect blend between outstanding acting and incredible chase scenes. So, if you enjoy Ford’s playing and highly entertaining stories, this film is definitely a must to see. This is the kind of play you can see again and again and never get bored.

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