Amir timur is a famous statesman

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1. Early Life.

The name of Amir Timur is known not only in Central Asia (Turon) but all over the world. He was a famous statesman, great military strategist and
leader of the Uzbek people.
He was born on the 9 th of April 1336 at Kesh, better known as Shahr­isabz, "The green city", situated some 50 miles south of Samarkand in modern Uzbekistan.
His father's name was Amir Taragay. He was an authoritative rich man, the head of the tribe of Barlas.
His mother was a clever and noble woman and her name was Teguna. Amir Timur was well educated as his family was rich.
At the age of twelve Timur began to rule over the servants who served in their house and he knew how to protect the property of his father and how to oversee it. At the age of twenty he had not only become an expert in manly outdoor execises but had earned the reputation of being an attentive reader of the Qur'an. Like his father, he was a muslim and seems to have been influ­enced by Nakshbandi Sufism.
2. Military Leader.
Timur was interested in military activities and state affairs. He spent much time in military training and getting a secular education. He came before the world as a military leader in 1358. He spent his whole life fighting against oppression, against the battle between the Khans and Beks.
Timur took part in campaigns in Transoxania with the khan of Chigatai, a descendant of Chenghis Khan. For Timur's military talent and authority the Mongol Khan Tegluk appointed him the governor of Shahrisabz. So Amir Timur came to power. And soon he conquered Khorosan at the head of a thousand horseman and then all of the Mavoraunnahr, establishing a strong centralized state uniting separate kingdoms into one strong government.
3. Amir Timur is a Great Statesman
Amir Timur ruled and governed the country according to the law, follow­ing Islam and the rales of Shariat. And he also demanded his people to follow the law strictly. As leader he was interested in the life of common people. Amir Timur wanted the historians to write about the real life of the people.
The capital of Tamerlane's empire was Samarkand. He wanted it to be the city of unsurpassed beauty and so he did it.
Amir Timur ruled the country over 35 years from 1370 to 1405. He died in February 1405 at the age of 69 and he was buried in Samarkand in Gur Emir mausoleum.
In 1996 UNESCO decided to celebrate Amir Temur's 660 years anniver­sary. And there was a conference in Paris (France). I.A.Karimov delivered a speech at this conference.
Vocabulary. Translate and learn the following words by heart:
military stragegist authoritative.
Exercise 5. Complete the following sentences using active words from the text.
1. Amir Timur's mother was a clever and .........woman.
2. He knew how to protect his father's ..........
3. Timur was interested in....... activities and state affairs of the country.
4. He fought for........ of his country.
5. Samarkand was the capital of Tamerlane's .........
6. Amir Timur ruled and ....... The country according to the low.
7. He came to power and ....... all of the Movoraunnalir.
8. Amir Timur ........ a strong centralized state.
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