All members of the Forest Glen community are reminded that our school Code of Conduct applies to all areas of the school environment

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Code of Conduct


The focus at Forest Glen P.S. is student learning. We believe that students and staff have the right to learn and teach in a safe and supportive environment. Forest Glen P.S. students and staff are expected to be respectful, responsible and helpful in all areas of the school community, at all times. The partnership of student, staff and parent/guardian will ensure a positive, effective learning community.


At Forest Glen we work to promote a Climate for Learning and Working based on the principles of equity, inclusion and respect. These principles help to build safe, nurturing, engaging relationships and environments. The Peel Board’s Character Attributes are reinforced in all areas of the school and help to prevent conflict, bullying and violence. Our restorative practices seek to repair harm that has been caused and rebuild relationships between all participants.



















All members of the Forest Glen community are reminded that our school Code of Conduct applies to all areas of the school environment:


●In the classrooms ●In the hallways ●In the gym

●On the school yard ●On buses or field trips ●ANYWHERE, ANYTIME!


Take a Stand

Against The “ISMS”

 Ableism

 Ageism

 Classism

 Faith as an ism

 Heterosexism

 Racism

 Sexism
Expectations for Staff and Students

 Staff are committed to:

√ Helping all students feel safe at school, both physically and emotionally

√ Promoting and maintaining a peaceful, positive learning environment

√ Preventing, reducing and eliminating the incidence of all types of bullying and violence

√ Helping students develop self-awareness, self-esteem, and self-respect

√ Helping students develop respect for the rights and property of others, the school, and the neighbourhood

√ Assisting students in the development of self-control and self-discipline

√ Supporting students in taking responsibility for their learning and their behaviour

√ Supporting students in managing their lives and relationships in peaceful ways

√ Developing an appreciation of diversity in our learning environment

√ A culture of non-violence (as stated in the Peel District School Board’s Safe School Policy #48)


 Students are expected to:

Demonstrate respect for self by:

√ Approaching learning positively

√ Making healthy choices and good choices

√ Dressing appropriately— removing hats when indoors

√ Getting help with problems that you can’t solve peacefully by yourself — retaliation is not acceptable


Demonstrate respect for others by:

√ Being peaceful – everywhere, all the time – even if the other person “started it”!

√ Showing respect for authority – e.g., always identifying yourself immediately to a staff member when asked

√ Choosing not to harass, bully (that includes physical, emotional, racial, psychological, and sexual bullying) or abuse anyone else

√ Choosing not to discriminate on the basis of race, faith, gender, socio-economic status, ability, age, or sexual orientation

√ Moving through hallways at a walking pace in an orderly way

√ Speaking appropriately and listening attentively

√ Approaching problems in positive ways

√ Not interfering with learning or teaching

√ Being a positive, helpful member of any group/team of which you are part


Demonstrate respect for property by:

√ Taking care of school materials that are on loan to you

√ Taking care of personal property, including PEDs (personal electronic devices), notebooks, binders, pencil cases, worksheets, etc.

√ Taking care of your coat hook and your workspace

√ Using all school facilities and equipment appropriately


Demonstrate respect for the Forest Glen community by:

Contributing to a positive, clean, and orderly environment


Students are expected to demonstrate responsibility by:

√ Being on time and prepared

√ Bringing all required materials to class (e.g., agenda, student workbooks, textbooks, etc.)

√ Submitting assignments on the due date, or making arrangements with the teacher ahead of time

√ Following through with commitments (e.g., to class, team, teacher, group members, etc.)

√ Showing good citizenship - digitally, socially, environmentally

√ Reporting safety issues or serious problems to a staff member

√ Reporting, then replacing or paying for materials/property that are damaged or lost

√ Submitting work that is in their own words and has not been plagarised from other sources

 Prohibited Items


Students are not allowed to bring any item on school property that is prohibited, is deemed unsafe, or negatively affects the well-being or learning of others. The following items are not permitted on school property:

√ Weapons, or any item that replicates a weapon

√ Matches, lighters, incendiary or combustible items, laser pointers c:\documents and settings\peeluser\local settings\temporary internet files\content.ie5\vk34w1no\mc900232113[1].wmfmc900232113[1]

√ Cigarettes or any tobacco-related objects

Alcohol or any drug substance

√ Large amounts of money, valuable objects or clothing

√ Scooters, wheelies, in-line skates, soccer/baseball cleats

√ Card collections of any sort (e.g., Tamagotchi, Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh, Digimon, etc.)

√ Gum


Dress Code



are expected to wear clothing that: for example…

 Is appropriate for the activity and the weather

 Outdoor clothing (e.g., sunglasses, hats, coats, boots, out door shoes), bandanas may not be worn indoors

 Supports the Ontario Human Rights Code

  No potentially offensive logos, language

 Does not distract from learning/teaching

  No coarse language, swear words, sexual content

  Underwear must be covered by clothing

 Supports a healthy lifestyle

  No cigarette or alcohol advertising/logos

 Covers the torso and upper legs

  No bare shoulders, no spaghetti straps, no cleavage, no bare

midriff (covered even while moving and bending)

  The hem of shorts and skirts must extend to mid-thigh, past


 Supports a peaceful lifestyle

  No gang insignias, symbols, paraphernalia, disrespectful


 Supports a safe environment

  Clean shoes to wear indoors



Support and Consequences


It is Forest Glen's intention to provide support and consequences for students to facilitate a safe, orderly, and caring learning environment, and to promote self-awareness and respect among students and staff. Awareness of acceptable behaviour and consequences, and self-discipline is everyone’s responsibility.


Regular classroom routines will include reminders for students who are momentarily off-track, plus consequences for repeat or more serious behaviour concerns. This could be in the form of a verbal reminder/warning or a non-verbal signal.


Our school encourages, supports and recognizes acceptable behaviour in our students through a variety of positive practices. Progressive discipline is an approach that makes use of a continuum of supports, interventions and consequences, building upon strategies which promote positive behaviours.


Students who demonstrate difficulty meeting class/school expectations can expect one or more of the follow-up/consequences listed below.



 Counselling by the teacher, staff member, vice-principal, principal

 Reflection or “Think Sheet”

 Communication with parents

  Making amends – this may include a letter of acknowledgement/apology, replacement of/payment for damaged or stolen goods

 Mediation

 Community Service

 Loss of privilege – this may include time out of class at the office, recess detention, withdrawal from class, school trips, or school activities



Possible Suspension occurs when a student:


 Swears (written or verbal) at a teacher or an another person in a position of authority

 Bullies others

 Utters a threat to inflict serious bodily harm on another person

 Is under the influence of, or possesses alcohol or illegal drugs

 Commits an act of vandalism that causes extensive damage to school property

 Commits any act considered by the principal to:

 Have a negative impact on the moral tone of the school

 Have a negative impact on the physical or mental well-being of one or more school community members

 Be contrary to the school or Peel Board Codes of Conduct



Mandatory Expulsion occurs when a student:


 Physically assaults another person causing bodily harm that requires medical attention

 Possesses a weapon or uses a weapon to threaten or frighten another person

 Commits sexual assault

 Traffics in weapons or in illegal drugs

 Commits robbery

 Gives alcohol to a minor

 Engages in another activity that, under a policy of the Board, is one for which expulsion is mandatory:

 Is significantly detrimental to the school climate and/or the physical or mental well being of others

 Causes extensive damage to school property

 Causes his/her continued presence at the school to pose an unacceptable risk to other members of the school community

 A pattern of behaviour so inappropriate the student’s continued presence is detrimental to the effective learning or working environment of others

 Demonstrates a persistent resistance to changes in behaviour that would enable him/her to be successful

 Is a serious violation of the school or Peel Board Codes of Conduct



Expectations for safe, respectful, responsible, and helpful behaviours are consistent for all Forest Glen students. Students who have difficulty contributing to a safe, positive learning environment will be supported through appropriate consequences and follow-up. Consequences and follow-up will depend upon the age of the student, the seriousness and frequency of the behaviour/situation and the learning needs of the individual child.  



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