Abundant Life Christian

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Abundant Life Christian - 1494 Banks Rd., Margate - I-95 to Copans Rd. West to Banks Rd. (Banks is half way between 441 & Lyons Rd about 4 miles west of I-95) Turn left (south). School is 3 or 4 blocks on left side. All baseball is on campus.

Academic Charter - Baseball played at Pembroke Shores Park 501 SW 172 Ave - Sheridan Street West to 172 Ave. Go south or left about 1/2 mile is Pines Blvd. Go PAST Pines Blvd. about 1/4 mile and the park is on left side of the road.

American Heritage - 12200 W Broward Blvd/Plantation - I-95 S to I-595 west. West on I-595 to Flamingo Road. North on Flamingo to Broward Blvd. East on Broward Blvd. School on right

Archbishop Curley - I-95 south to I-195 East. Move into right lane in order to exit at Biscayne Blvd. Cross Biscayne Blvd. Go one block and turn right immediately after crossing RR tracks on to NE 2nd Ave. Take NE 2nd Ave to school. Entrance at 50th Street. Field at far back NE corner of school grounds
Archbishop McCarthy - 5601 Flamingo Rd., Ft. Lauderdale. - I-95 to Griffin Rd. west to Flamingo Road. South on Flamingo Rd. School is on right.

Belen Jesuit Prep. - Turnpike ext. Exit at SW 8th St., turn left. Turn right at 1st traffic light – turn right and go over bridge. Take first left on to 127 Ave. School is ¼ mile down on the right.
Boca Christian - Games Played at Patch Reef Park in Boca Raton - I-95 North to Yamato Rd. West past Military Trail. You will see the park on the south (left) side of the road.

Calvary Christian Academy - 2401 W. Cypress Creek Rd. - I-95 to Cypress Creek West. Continue west, pass the first entrance to the church where there is a sign o the right of way that says 2401 and continue a few hundred feet until you see the sign that says Calvary Chapel. Proceed straight in an you will see the field on your left.
Cardinal Gibbons - I-95 to Commercial Blvd East to Bayside Drive. Turn right (south) on Bayside Dr. and school is on right about 1/2 mile.
Chaminade Madonna - South on I-95 to Hollywood Blvd West. Continue west to on Hollywood Blvd until you make a right on N 52nd Ave. School is straight between W. and E Chaminade Dr.

Coral Springs Charter School - Games played at Cypress Park in Coral Springs - I-95 to Atlantic Blvd West. Head way west, past University Drive, and continue to Coral Springs Drive. Turn right and the park is just past the apartments on the right.

Coral Springs Christian - 2251 Riverside Dr. Coral Springs. - I-95 N to Copans Rd. West. (Once you cross 441, Copans Rd. is renamed Royal Palm Blvd.) Continue west on Royal Palm Blvd. to Riverside Drive (which is about a mile west of Rock Island Rd. and before University Dr.) Right on Riverside and immediate right into school parking lot.
Dade Christian

–If game is at the school: I-95 S to Palmetto Expressway (826 W). 5 miles you will see school on right. Exit and stay to right. Field in far back (SE) section of school grounds.

–If game is at Miami Lakes Field: I-95 to Palmetto Expressway (826 W) Instead of turning right into school, turn left. Field is just past the fire station.

Deerfield Beach High School - I-95 North to Sample Road. East on Sample and make immediate left at first traffic light. Head north for approximately 1 mile. Fields on East side of the road.
Ft. Lauderdale Christian - West on 62nd Street (Cypress Creek Rd) to 31st Ave (which is also called Lyons Road). Right on 31st Ave for about 100 yards. Make right on road just immediately past the first traffic light.
Gulliver Prep – Middle School 12595 Red Road/Coral Gables - I-95 to US1. South on US1 to Red Road. School on left side of road.

Highlands Christian - 501 NE 48th St./ Pompano Bch - N on US1. Turn left at NE 49th St. This becomes 48th just before Dixie. Cross tracks. School 4 blocks on right. Middle School plays behind or east of their gym. All other levels play west of the gym.

Hollywood Christian - 1708 North 60th Ave/Hollywood - I-95 S to Sheridan St. Go west to 441 and turn left. Turn right at Taft St. School is on right.

Kings Academy - 4215 Cherry Rd., West Palm Bch. - I-95 N to Belvedere Rd. and go west for about 3 miles as road curves around

airport. Turn right on Military Trail and go north one block. Turn right on Cherry Rd. School is on left.

LaSalle Game at Miami Dade South field: I-95 south to Palmetto Expressway (826 W). Follow west around curve, now south on 826 to SW 88th (Kendall Dr.) West on Kendall Dr. to 112th St. Turn right at the T in the road. Field is on left.

Miami Country Day - Games played at Barry University in Miami - I-95 S to 103rd Street. Head East to North Miami Avenue. Turn left on N. Miami Ave. heading North to 113th St. Go through traffic light and Field will be on your left.
Monarch High School - Games played at Sable Pines Park in Coconut Creek - I-95 to Sample Rd. West on Sample, continue over Turnpike to Lyons Road. Right (N) on Lyons to Wiles Rd. Right (E) on Wiles to 39th St. Fields on left.

N. Broward Prep. - 7600 Lyons Road/Coconut Creek - I-95 to Hillsboro west to Lyons Rd. North on Lyons ¾ mile. School on right.

North Lauderdale Academy - West on 62nd Street (Cypress Creek Rd) to Rock Island Road. Right (North) on Rock Island road. Drive through the traffic light at Kimberly Blvd. and make first possible right into the school parking lot. Cross the street and walk to the field on the west side of the school campus.
Nova Southeastern - For Games vs. Chaminade Madonna and University School - I-95 to I-595 W to University Dr. South on University Dr. To SW 30th St. Left (east) on SW 30th St. Then turn right on SW 75th Ave. Field is adjacent to Miami Dolphins Training Camp.

Palmer Trinity - 7900 SW 176th St., Miami - South on Turnpike to SW 152nd St. Exit (aka Coral Reef Dr.) Continue through 1st stop sign to 2nd stop sign which is Coral Reef Dr. Turn left. Cross US1 & Continue east to Old Cutler Rd. Turn right (south) to 176th St. Turn right on 176th St. and school is about 1/2 mile on left.

Pembroke Pines Charter School - 17189 Sheridan St.. Pembroke Pines - I-95 to 595 West to I-75 South to Sheridan St. West exit. West on Sheridan St. to 172 Ave. Turn left to Silver lakes North Park. School is across the street.

Pine Crest Boca - Baseball played at University Woodlands Park directly across the street from the P.C. Boca campus. - I-95 N to Glades Rd. West on Glades to St. Andrews Blvd. North on St. Andrews Blvd. School on right, Woodlands Park on left.

Pompano High School - Games played at the City of Pompano's Municipal Stadium - West side of US1 between Atlantic Blvd and Copans Rd.

Pope John Paul - Games played at Sugar Sand Park in Boca Raton: I-95 North to Palmetto Park Rd. West. Make first left turn onto Military Trail (heading south). Turn left into park (about 1/2 block). Follow signs to baseball fields.

Ransom Everglades 3575 Main Hwy./Miami:

I-95 to Rickenbacker Causeway. Take 2nd left under causeway to stop light. Turn right and go to end. Turn right and go to Main Hwy. Make a left. School is ¼ mile.

Ransom Everglades Middle - 2045 S. Bayshore Dr./Coconut Grove - S on I-95 to Exit at Key Biscayne. Go left underneath I-95 to Southi Ave. Take a right – it turns to Bayshore Dr.

St. Andrews 3900 Jog Road/Boca Raton - I-95 to Glades Rd W on Glades to Powerline Rd. North on Powerline. School Entrance on right.

St. Joan of Arc - Games played at Mitchell Elementary School - I-95 N to Glades Rd. East to 2nd Ave (a/k/a Boca Raton Blvd.) Makes a left on 2nd Ave. to 23rd St. Make a left on 23rd St and your very first righ on 3rd Ave. 3rd Ave. dead ends at the schoo.

St. Jude - Games Played at Patch Reef Park in Boca Raton - I-95 North to Yamato Rd. West past Military Trail. You will see the park on the south (left) side of the road.

St. Mark - Games played on Campus - South Broward I-95 S to Sheridan. E on Sheridan to Federal Hwy (US1). S on Federal Hwy to Shenandoah. Field on Left.

Spanish River Christian - Games Played at Patch Reef Park in Boca Raton - I-95 North to Yamato Rd. West past Military Trail. You will see the park on the south (left) side of the road.

Unity Christian - 101 NW 22nd St., Delray Bch - I-95 N to Atlantic Ave. East to Swinton Ave. (road narrows to 2 lanes). Turn left on Swinton Ave. & head north about 22 blocks (past George Bush Blvd) to 22nd St. (4 way stop). School is on the far NW corner.

University School - Refer to Nova Southeastern Directions - Middle school plays on A.D. Griffin field #2 which is northwest of the college field and west of the Miami Dolphins Training Complex.

Westminster Academy - I-95 to Commercial Blvd. South on 441. Left on which is just before McDonalds on East side of the road. Follow road into facility parking lot.

Westminster Christian - 6855 SW 152 St./ Miami - Turnpike south to Turnpike extension to Metro Zoo exit. The 2nd left off the exit is SW 152nd St. School is about 5 miles down SW 152nd St. Gray building on left side of street.

Westwood Christian - 5801 SW 120 Ave., Miami - Plays on their campus. Directions: Turnpike south tto SW 40th St. withich is Bird Rd. Make left at light to 117th Ave. Turn right onto 117th. Continue south to 56th St. which is Miller Rd. where you turn right. Continue west to 120th Ave. Make left onto 120th and school is on the corner. Do not take circular or first entrance but do use second entrance marked by a mailbox where you will continue around the school to the baseball fields.

Zion Lutheran 859 SE 6th Ave., Deerfield Bch. - I-95 to SW 10th St. Head east. School and fields on left prior to SE 6th St.

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