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Enlarge & Save:
To save the enlarged version of the selected area in the 'Cropping' view, press 'Enlarge & Save'. Calculating the magnified picture will take some time, when the progress bar reaches 100%, the result is saved.
Under the header Write Result to:' on the bottom left, you can see where the result will be saved. The enlarger automatically chooses the source name and type with an appended _e and a number as the result's filename, but you can enter something else as long as the ending belongs to one of the supported image types. The appended number is increased if you enlarge several parts of the same source. By default the enlarged picture is written into the source folder, uncheck 'Use Source Folder' and click 'Change Folder' to choose something different. Supported types for saving are

You can set your preferred output format and ( for JPEG images ) the output quality in the Preferences dialog.

The new job is pushed into the Job Queue and processed in the background, you can directly continue working with the enlarger.

Changes of enlarger settings don't have any influence on existing jobs.
The settings of the job ( size, destination, parameters ) are those present at the moment of pressing 'Enlarge & Save', they can not be changed afterwards.

Download 18,02 Kb.

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