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Cast Bios

Timothy Hutton

“J.T. Neumeyer”

A brilliant physics professor, J.T.’s promising career was sidetracked when his wife died giving birth to their daughter Jesse. On the tenth anniversary of his wife’s death, he receives a mysterious briefcase from the future that details his own murder…set to take place in five days.
After winning an Academy Award, a Golden Globe and the Los Angeles Film Critics Award for his performance in Robert Redford’s Ordinary People, Hutton went on to star in numerous films, including Taps, Daniel, Falcon and the Snowman, Made in Heaven, Q and A, The General’s Daughter, French Kiss and Beautiful Girls. With Taps, Hutton received his second Golden Globe nomination. In 2002, Hutton was seen opposite Jane Alexander, Angela Bassett and Edie Falco in John Sayles’ critically acclaimed Sunshine State, released in 2002. Currently, Hutton can be seen alongside Johnny Depp and Maria Bello in the thriller Secret Window.
On television, Hutton produced and starred in Showtime’s Mr. And Mrs. Loving, and starred as the title character in the acclaimed Aldrich Ames: Traitor Within, also for Showtime. He also starred in the docudrama WWIII for the Fox Network. After starring in A&E’s Nero Wolfe: The Golden Spiders, Hutton returned to executive produce, direct and star in several additional Nero Wolfe adaptations for A&E.
Behind the camera, Hutton has directed everything from music videos and concert films to episodic television and MOWs. Hutton’s feature film directorial debut, Digging to China, premiered to standing ovations at the Sundance Film Festival.
In addition to his success in film and television, Hutton is also an accomplished stage actor. As a member of New York’s Circle Repertory Company, Hutton originated the role in the Broadway production of Craig Lucas’ Prelude to a Kiss. He appeared opposite Mary Louise Parker in Babylon Gardens and Henry Fonda in the Los Angeles stage production of The Oldest Living Graduate, which was later broadcast live on NBC.
Hutton currently serves as the president of Players Club. Founded by Edwin Booth and Mark Twain, it is the oldest and most prestigious theater club in America.

Randy Quaid

Detective Irwin Sikorski”

Sikorski is the homicide detective who, according to the police file from the future, will investigate J.T.’s murder. J.T. enlists Sikorski’s help to keep him alive, and ultimately prevent the homicide.

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Oscar, Emmy, BAFTA and Independent Spirit Award nominee and Golden Globe winner, Randy Quaid is one of the most versatile actors in Hollywood. Like fellow acting greats Gene Hackman, Robert DeNiro, Dustin Hoffman and Jack Nicholson, Quaid has been, by turns, dangerous, romantic, tragic and whackily comedic.
He began his career with The Last Detail, for which he received a Best Supporting Actor Oscar nomination. Quaid quickly began to be noticed for the sweet, fragile characters he created with telling comedic and dramatic expertise in such films as The Last Picture Show, The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz and Midnight Express. For over three decades, Quaid has impressed fans and filmmakers alike with the range of his talent. His ability to create the loveable oddball was perhaps never better expressed than in his work in Independence Day, where he played the tormented crop duster who eventually saves the world.
Quaid’s recent roles include his portrayal of a scheming opportunist opposite Troy Garity in Milwaukee, Minnesota and a small town sheriff with a volatile temper and a big heart in David E. Kelley’s Brotherhood of Poland, NH. Quaid delighted audiences with his portrayal of Ishmael, a naïve Amish bowler, in the Farrelly Brothers’ comedy classic Kingpin.
At the same time, Quaid was nominated for an Emmy and won the Golden Globe for his performance as Lyndon B. Johnson in the heralded production of LBJ: The Early Years, and received critical acclaim for his portrayal of Randy Weaver in Ruby Ridge: An American Tragedy.
Quaid can currently be heard as the voice of a villainous, mustachioed cattle rustler who loves to sing and yodel to his cows and victims in Disney’s animated feature Home on the Range.

Kari Matchett

“Claudia Whitney”

J.T.’s girlfriend, Claudia is an insurance agent with a mysterious past that reveals itself as his date with destiny approaches.
One of Canada’s most prominent actors, Kari Matchett a Gemini Award winner (the Canadian equivalent of an Emmy) and a two-time nominee. Matchett first rose to prominence in the hit Canadian series Power Play, in which she starred as a hockey team president.
Currently, she is co-starring with Stanley Tucci in The Webster Report, a new Warner Bros./25C pilot for CBS, which is filming in New York City.
On television, Matchett won a Gemini for her guest appearance on the popular Global TV series Blue Murder. She later returned to the series in the starring role of Elaine Bender. On the acclaimed A&E series Nero Wolfe, opposite her 5 Days to Midnight co-star Timothy Hutton, Matchett faced the challenge of playing a different character in almost every episode. She has also appeared in a number of television movies, including A Colder Kind of Death and the critically acclaimed Betrayed, directed by Canadian Anne Wheeler (Better Than Chocolate). She also recently starred in Hypercube: Cube 2.

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On the big screen, Matchett starred opposite Jeremy Northam in Cypher and alongside Chevy Chase in The Great Goose Caper. She was featured in Luis Mandoki’s Angel Eyes, starring Jennifer Lopez, and in Men with Brooms, which broke box office records in Canada.

An accomplished theater actor, Matchett has performed in numerous productions at the world-renowned Stratford Festival, and other major theaters across the country. She attended the prestigious National Theatre School of Canada.

Angus MacFadyen

Roy Bremmer”

An underworld crime boss and one of the suspects listed in the police file, Roy has a complicated history with J.T.’s girlfriend, Claudia.

Scottish born Angus MacFadyen has worn many hats as an actor, including romantic lead, historic turncoat, the Rat Pack’s “Camelot Connection,” the genius director, and Greek god (Zeus).
On television, MacFadyen starred as Peter Lawford in HBO’s The Rat Pack, as well as the young Richard Burton in Destiny: The Elizabeth Taylor Story.
Most recently, MacFadyen played Zeus in the NBC miniseries Jason and the Argonauts.
MacFadyen is perhaps best known for his role as Robert the Bruce in Mel Gibson’s Academy Award-winning Braveheart. Recent credits include Equilibrium, Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood and Titus Andronicus, in which he appeared opposite Sir Anthony Hopkins and Jessica Lange. He recently shot the film A Woman’s A Helluva Thing. Other feature film credits include Lanai-Loa, Snide and Prejudice, Nevada, Still Breathing, Warrior of Virtue and The Brylcream Boys.
In addition, MacFadyen has appeared in a number of British television movies, including Takin’ Over the Asylum for BBC Scotland, The Lost Language of the Cranes for the BBC and God of Happiness for Channel Four.
Educated in France, the University of Edinburgh and the Central School of Speech and Drama, he has performed several plays as part of the Edinburgh Festival. MacFadyen has also written several plays, including 1905, which received the 1991 Questors Theatre Student Playwriting Award.


Page Four/5 Days to Midnight Cast Bios

Hamish Linklater

“Carl Axelrod”

Carl is an eccentric but enthusiastic physics grad student – and one of the murder suspects listed in J.T.’s homicide file. He idolizes J.T. – but worships the laws of physics even more.
An accomplished theater actor, Hamish Linklater made his feature film debut in Groove, an official selection of the 2000 Sundance Film Festival.


Linklater was the lead in the independent feature Final Draft, and played the journalist Richard Roth in HBO’s Live from Baghdad, opposite Helena Bonham Carter and Michael Keaton.


On television, Linklater has a recurring role on the series American Dreams, and was a series regular in Gideon’s Crossing, a Disney series for ABC.


His theater credits include starring in Recent Tragic Events, opposite Heather Graham. He appeared as Laertes in Hamlet off-Broadway at the Public Theatre, opposite Liev Schreiber in the title role.


Linklater also took part in Shakespeare’s Birthday Celebration with Ian McKellan on National Public Radio.

Gage Golightly

“Jesse Neumeyer”

The only child of J.T. Neumeyer, Jesse is the center of her father’s world. She has inherited J.T.’s love of science.
Ten-year-old Gage Golightly co-starred in the television movies A Christmas Carol with Tori Spelling and The Long Shot (formerly known as Dear Mr. God) with Marsha Mason and Julie Benz.
Golightly played young Kim in the Untitled Hank Azaria Short and had a supporting role in The Vest. She co-starred in Speakeasy, a feature produced by Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. She had lead roles in the independent films Bonko Bear and I Win.
When at home in Grass Valley, California, Golightly, the youngest of four children, helps out at the local pizza parlor where her older brother works, rides the mud on her Kawasaki 110c, swims, and hangs out with her friends.  She always travels with her best friend, a six-year-old toy poodle named Santa.
Golightly is currently shooting the CBS pilot Sudbury, which is executive produced by Sandra Bullock.

Page Five/5 Days to Midnight Cast Bios

Nicole deBoer

“Chantal Hume”

The wife of J.T.’s brother-in-law, Chantal has grown accustomed to the good life. And if Brad is about to take a fall, she’s not going down with him.
Nicole deBoer began her acting career in her native Toronto. She was a series regular in a number of Canadian shows, including the CBC television drama 9B and Dooley Gardens.


She was also a regular on the USA Network original series Beyond Reality and SCI FI Channel’s first original dramatic series, Mission Genesis. deBoer is best known for her role as Ensign/Lieutenant Ezri Dax in the seventh and final season of Star Trek: Deep Space 9. Currently she can be seen as “Sarah Bannerman” on the USA Network’s original series, The Dead Zone, opposite Anthony Michael Hall.

Her other television credits include Poltergeist: The Legacy, PSI Factor, The Outer Limits and The Fearing Mind.


deBoer starred in the cult hit feature film Cube (Toronto Film Festival 1997) and has just recently finished filming the upcoming independent film Home Invasion.

David McIlwraith

“Brad Hume”

J.T.’s high-living brother-in-law may work with him at the University, but he is a better stock picker than scientist.
For over two decades, David McIlwraith has appeared in numerous film and television productions, both in Canada and internationally.

Recently, he appeared on the television series Vampire High, playing Dr. Reginald Murdoch. He also had a recurring role on the series White Fang.

In 2000, McIlwraith appeared opposite Alec Baldwin, Jill Hennessy and Christopher Plummer in the TNT miniseries Nuremberg.

Other television credits include the CBC television miniseries Trudeau and Showtime’s The Big Dance and Cruel Intentions 2: Manchester Prep. He has also appeared on the popular series PSI Factor, Traders and Nikita.

McIlwraith’s films credits include Gunfighter’s Moon, On My Own, If Looks Could Kill, Outrageous and Too Outrageous, and Millennium, where he appeared opposite Kris Kristofferson and Cheryl Ladd.


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