1 Listen and choose the correct answer. (6x2=12) e g

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1 Listen and choose the correct answer

1 Listen and choose the correct answer. (6x2=12)
e.g. The woman wants to buy a pair of shoes/trousers.
1) She wants to buy brown/black shoes.
2) She wants to buy high-heeled/low-heeled shoes.
3) She takes a size 38/39.
4) The shoes are made of polyester/leather.
5) The shoes are made in Turkey/Italy.
6) The woman buys a red/white pair of shoes.
2a Match the objects and material. (5x1=5)
e.g. 1b
1) toy car a) metal
2) T-shirts b) plastic
3) sharpener c) wood
4) pencil d) leather
5) shoes e) cotton
6) books f) paper
2b Complete the sentences. (5x1=5)
e.g. My little brother’s toy car… made of … .
My little brother’s toy car is made of plastic .
1) My white T-shirts … made of … .
2) The sharpener … made of … .
3) This pencil … made of … .
4) Those grey shoes … made of … .
5) Books … made of … .
3 Make the sentences. (5x2=10)
e.g. do/What/you/take/size? – What size do you take?
1) can/tell/us/Clothes/a lot/the/about/person.
2) What/of/sweater/kind/do/want/you?
3) of/ diff erent/People/ages/and/professions/jeans/wear/and/T-shirts.
4) should/Girls/skirts/and/a white/blouse/wear.
5 In/many/schools/Great Britain/have/own/their/school uniform.
4a Read and put the parts in order. (4x2=8)
e.g. 1C
A) One day, the king asked his minister to go and see how much work the two
tailors did. The minister saw the two men moving but he could see no cloth! He
decided not to tell the king about it. But, he said that the material was wonderful
and the costume looked nice.
B) The king was very happy. At last, a child cried out: “The king has no
clothes!” Soon everyone began to say the same thing and very soon all cried:
“The king is not wearing anything!”
C) Once upon a time there was a king who was only interested in nice
clothes. Once, two clever but not kind men decided to teach him a lesson.
D) Finally, the king’s new suit was ready. He could not see anything but he
too did not want to appear stupid. He said that the suit was good and thanked
the tailors. People asked him to show the new costume. The king went down the
street. The people could only see the king but no one could see his costume. But
they did not want to be stupid and everybody started saying that the suit was
E) They told the king that they were very good tailors and could sew a
beautiful new suit for him. It could be so fi ne that only stupid people could not
see it. The king was very happy and asked the new tailors to begin their work.
4b Read and choose the correct word. (5x2=10)
e.g. This is a story about the king who liked/did not like new clothes very much.
1) The two tailors could not sew but they said that they could/could not make a
beautiful suit.
2) The tailors did not use/used real material.
3) The minister could/could not see the new suit.
4) People could/could not see the king’s new costume.
5) The king was/was not clever.
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