1. it organizations task Read the company profiles. Speak about company objectives. Task 2: Read the company profiles and find words that match these definitions

(Passwords help to ensure that only authorized individuals access computer systems)

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MUSTAQIL ta\'lim part-1
7-amaliy mashgulot (2) a9d440ea1c8a71134ee779ef30416c55, 3-tema Kompyuterning asosiy va yordamchi qurilmalari., 1-amaliy mashgulot. Axborotni izlash va uni taxlil kilish., hayvonlarning yuqumli va invazion, Loyiha matni - 55693-(55693), ОБРАЗ СВОБОДЫ В ЛИРИКЕ П.Б.ШЕЛЛИ И М Ю. ЛЕРМОНТОВА, Дополнение как второстепенный член предложения способы его выражения и отграничение от сходных членов предложения (на материале произведений русских классиков), 273-сон 14.08.1996. Об организации работ по охране труда, 5-guruh SUBHONOVA LOBAR AMALIYOT HUJJATLARI (2), ÓZ betinshe metodologiya , ÓZ betinshe metodologiya , Н.Шариповга (2), Mamatqulov Nodirbeki.docx, Mamatqulov Nodirbek, informatika-fanidan-ochiq-dars-ishlanmasi

(Passwords help to ensure that only authorized individuals access computer systems)

3.What are Password Construction Guidelines?

(Passwords are used to access any systems, including the network, e-mail, the Web, and voicemail. Poor, weak passwords are easily cracked, and put the entire system at risk. Therefore, strong passwords are required)

Task 2: Study the language material Modal verbs using the given chart and do exercises

Choose the most suitable form the modal verbs: can,may,must, should

Начало формы

(May) I go to the toilet?

You (should) eat less sweets.

It's broken. Who(can)fix it?

I must study for the exam.

Sorry, I'm busy. I (can’t) help you.

(Can)I watch TV now, mum

You (mustn’t)shout at your children.

Tomorrow we (may) go camping.

(couldn’t)start my car yesterday.

(can)-I phone you later, Mr. Levis?


Task 1 Match the titles of multimedia devices with their pictures

Headphones microphone projector speakers video camera
virtual reality goggles webcam

(1.speakers 2.projector 3. Headphones 4. Virtual reality goggles 5. Microphone 6. Video camera 7. Webcam)

Task 2. Read the text and answer the questions.

Answer the questions:
1. Why are multimedia devices so important for a user?
(A multimedia device allows a person to deal with a variety of these media while eliminating the need to have a separate device for each)
2. What is the function of the following multimedia devices?
a. digital camera (takes pictures and transfer images to computer files)
b. microphone (The microphone converts sound into a small electrical current. that can be played on a computer)
c. video capture card (The purpose of a capture card is to take a video feed from one device and transmit it to another device so that it can be encoded for playback or streaming)

d. MIDI Music and MIDI Ports ( MIDI music is created from digitized samples of musical instruments that are stored in the ROM or RAM of a MIDI device)

e. Sound Card (Sound cards are used to record and play back analog audio, and most can also play back digital audio sources as wellf.

Webcam (A webcam is a simple digital camera capable of taking video or still images for transmission over the Internet

Task 3: Study the chart of relative statements and make up your own sentences
1.(this is the man who takes really beautiful pictures)
2.(I saw my neighbor whose dog have bitten me long time ago)

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