1. Describe an interesting activity that you enjoy doing

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B2 PART 2 questions in speaking
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1.Describe an interesting activity that you enjoy doing.
With the job, study and other responsibilities I have a busy schedule in my daily life and over the number of activities I had got limited. Yet, I maintain some of the activities I really enjoy. One such activity is hanging out with friends during my day-offs. We often meet at a place in the evening and enjoy our time. Sometimes we meet at a public place like a park or a field and sometimes we go to watch the theatre. I mostly do it with my close friends and we have 4-5 such friends who meet each other on our day-offs. I enjoy spending times with my friends as they are my long time friends and have a good understanding. I enjoy the topic we discuss or even the chit-chat we have in our conversation. As all of us got busy over time, we can’t meet very often and our meeting on our day-offs helps us maintaining our social gathering and friendship. We often plan to go to worth watching theatrical performance and movies and enjoy our time. This is indeed a good activity, at least to me, as I value their friendship and enjoy their company. Good friends are like treasures in life as I have often found their help in times of distress and need. Thus the activity I have allows me to spend some quality times, get their updates, discuss on topics that I learn things from and allow me doing some activities that otherwise would not have been possible.

2. Describe a person who you think is very smart.
Today, I’ll take this chance to talk about Hoang, one of the smartest friends that I have ever had. Back in high school, we used to hang out a lot untl he went abroad for further education. Hoang was my classmate at high school and we got on quite well with each other as we shared a big interest – music. However, when it came to studying, everything turned out to be absolutely different. While I was doing really badly at Physics, he was considered as the smartest student in this subject at my school. He always stood first in all of the exams and no other students could come close to him. Every time the teacher asked us to solve a Physics question, it never took him more than 3 minutes to do the task. As he was quick on the uptake and understood the subject so well, Hoang was always in the teachers’ good books. Not only did he perform well in Physics but he also did brilliantly at other science subjects because of his intellectual ability. He was also a great companion during my high school time. Thanks to his helpful guidance, I finally managed to get better grades in Physics as well.That is all I want to share.

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