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Confirmed by______________

D.Kh. Muhitdinova

The head of Languages dept.

Prepared by S.Abdurakhmanova



  1. Read and translate.

Cattle: Dairy cows are another type of cattle that provide us with nutritional products. There are many different dairy products but some you might be most familiar with include milk, cheese, yogurt, butter and ice cream. Other dairy products include sour cream, cottage cheese, whey, cream cheese and condensed milk. Dairy products are often used in cooking and baking and contain calcium, which can help to strengthen your bones.

  1. Match the words (1-6) with the definitions (A-F).

1 _ agriculture A a large group of cultivated plants

2 _ crop B to put seeds in soil

3 _ cultivate C growing plants and raising animals

4 _ produce D to make something

5 _ domesticate E to raise a crop from seeding to harvest

  1. _ plant F to tame an animal

3. Fill the gaps with correct verb forms in Present Perfect.

1. They ________ London this month. (leave)

2. He ________ (just) a lot of English papers. (bring)
3. We ________ her since she arrived to our city. (know)
4. I ________ your name. (forget)
5. I __________ him my last penny. (give)
6. This order __________ to many misunderstandings. (lead)

4. Choose the appropriate word.

1. “Have lunch with me”, she said

She _____(agree, offer) me to have lunch with her.

2. “I’ll call you tonight”, said Nargiza.

Nargiza__________(deny, promise) Marhabo to phone that night.

3.”You have to do home assignments”, my mother said.

My mother ____(order, admit) me to do my home assignments.

4.”Mr.Johnson, please let me have a rest”, said the secretary.

The secretary _____(beg, offer) to be allowed to go on vacation.

5.”I’ll not take my coat off”, said Sue.

She_____(persuade, refuse) to take her coat off.

5. Speak about a topic: 1) Plant products 2) My cattle farm
Confirmed by______________

D.Kh. Muhitdinova

The head of Languages dept.

Prepared by S.Abdurakhmanova



  1. Read and translate.

Drought: San Fernando – The Central Valley’s drought is the worst in 50 years. It started five years ago. Average rainfall in the valley is down 35%. Less rainfall in the mountains also limits the water cycle in this already arid region as well. Many rain-fed crops are dying. Recently, many farmers dug ditches to irrigate them. They used extra groundwater from their wells too. Many experts say that will create water shortages in the future. Expert higher prices for many fruits and vegetables this summer. Peaches and nectarines are an exception. Local farmers are growing drought-resistant varieties of those crops.

  1. Match the words (1-6) with the definitions (A - F)

1 _ harvest A a crop that grows underground

2 _ legume B a crop that produces grain

3 _ melon C a crop that has pods

4 _ tuber D crops that have been gathered

5 _ cereal E a type of large sweet fruit

6 _ farmer's market F a group of farmers selling crops

3. Look through the speech chunks in the left column. Match them with the statements in the right column keeping the same message.


a. He denied rewriting his CV


b. He offered to have dinner with him

3.”Well done”

c. She agreed to make a report

4.”We are getting married”

d. He reminded me not forget to phone

5.”It’s not true”

e. He promised to be polite with the staff

6.”It’s a brilliant idea”

f. He insisted on going to the cafe

7.”It was your fault”

g. She persuaded him to do it

8.”Let’s have dinner”

h. He apologized for hurting my leg

9.”I won’t do it”

i. They accused him of going bankrupt

10.”Don’t forget”

j. They announced that they were getting married

11.”Why don’t we go to the café?”

k. He refused to admit that the argument was true

12.”I’ll be polite

l. He congratulated me on passing the exam

4. Combine the following pairs of sentences using ‘either…or’ orneither…nor’.

E.g: I don’t like either Stephen or Peter (I like neither Stephen nor Peter)

1. I don’t like Stephen. I don’t like Peter.2. He keeps the keys himself. Or he leaves them with his wife.3. He did not come. He did not call.4. He wasn’t wearing a shirt. He wasn’t wearing a coat.5. He will not come here. He will not send a representative.6. He must have done this. Or his brother must have done this.

5.Speak about a topic: a) History of Agriculture b) Animal products

Confirmed by______________

D.Kh. Muhitdinova

The head of Languages dept.

Prepared by S.Abdurakhmanova



  1. Read and translate.

Plant growth is the process by which the plant grows in size. A matured plant has a strong stem and healthy leaves. The growth process is enhanced by the nutrients and the light energy that is used during photosynthesis.

Basic requirements for plant growth are mineral-rich soils + water + adequate sunlight. Green plants must absorb certain minerals through their roots to survive. In the garden these minerals are supplied by the soil and by the addition of fertilizers such as manure, compost, and fertilizer salts.

  1. Fill in the blanks with the correct words and phrases from the word bank.

  1. Those ________will grow into flowers.

  2. Plants absorb nutrients from the soil with their ______.

  3. Photosynthesis occurs in the _______ of a plant.

  4. Tom keeps a detailed ________ of his crops to test how effective his fertilizers are.

  5. ________ plants usually produce colorful blooms in the spring.

  6. ________ of a rice plant contains the protein-rich harvest.

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