Writing activity provide your perspective or deliver some sort of experience for the young people you work with

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Writing activity provide your perspective or deliver some sort of experience for the young people you work with.

This activity is very easy and interesting.All of the students can take part in my lesson.It does not matter wheather they have writing skills or not.Just they should imagine and write what they think.


From this activity students can enrich vocabulary and writing skills.In addition to this it this activity broaden students horizon.It also make the activity more interesting and it brings a positive atmosphere to the class.

In nature I am very sociable girl.That's why I tried to find interesting activity.I think I do the best.But if I found more complicated one it would be better.Firstly,I was afraid it is very simple activity.But all students participated in with interest.I heard all students wishes and know what they want.From this activity I teach them not only writing and also help to enrich their vocabulary level. Every day kids experience events that are new to them. They learn new words, which helps build their vocabulary. In doing so, these new experiences help them to develop a creative and curious mind. These new experiences could be the beginning of ideas which the child could develop into stories or creative writing. By encouraging them to write from a young age, numerous benefits can be seen.

Creative writing can also develop emotional skills. By creating a story, a child can channel their emotions and develop how to manage in a situation. For example, they may be able to show empathy with a character, express different emotions experienced by characters or manage a difficult situation that a character is feeling. This may help a child to express how they feel and understand how others feel. Self- discovery and self-expressions can be demonstrated throughout the childs words and storytelling abilities.

Creative writing will also help to improve intellectual skills. Their sentence structure, vocabulary and use of punctuation will be notably more advanced than others of the same age who do not practice creative writing. In a world where text speak and emojis are so common, creative writing helps to develop writing skills that are being forgotten about. If a child can not communicate effectively as a child, the problem may become worse as they grow older. Sharing ideas with others allows the child to develop their storyline and collaborate with others. Encouraging creative writing can help a child to communicate effectively in the technology world. Etibor's Feedback

Thanks to Diyora for exciting task. I really loved it. Because this tasked students to think deeply and refreshed their brain. While writing students tried to show their good feelings, to use new unfamiliar words for writing. And she organized it in a active way. Everybody participated and enjoyed the questions. This kind of writing activities make students think and create something new.
Download 14.38 Kb.

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