Would you like to work from home? What would be the advantages/dis advantages for you?

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Ex 1

  1. Would you like to work from home? What would be the advantages/dis advantages for you?

  2. Homeworking is generally on the increase. Why do you think that is?


  1. I want to work from home. Because, is useful, That’s is, If I work from home, I may spend my more time with my family or friends. So, I think, people spend more money for taxes and eating in the every day in offices that they work. If they work from home, they can not spend more money than work in offices. But, people only work from home, they don’t develop their own experiences. Because, In the home, people must work to be alone. In the offices, they only work with others. In my opinion, this is can help to increase experiences and other important things. May be behavior. I am going to say, must to communicate with people.

  2. I agree, today every thing developed and They are continuing now. First of all, the technologies are very modernizing. The internet have big power. It’s almost everywhere. And It is helping people in the all work now. There for, Today, to work from home is very easy. If you have a computer or phone.

Ex 2b

  1. How long Sunjit has lived in London?

  2. How long Sunjit has been working at home?

  3. The name of a company that was one of the first to introduce homeworking?


  1. He has lived in south London since he was five.

  2. He has worked from home for three years.

  3. The company name is International Laboure Organization.

Ex 3
Advantages: to spend more time with family, to not have sick days, to save money, to don’t be stressful.

Disadvantages: to be alone for work, the difficult to develop experience,

Ex 5a

  1. Time-consuming

  2. Time management

  3. Workstation

  4. Work-life balance

  5. Spend time

  1. Organizing your time effectively

  2. Taking up a lot of time

  3. How much time you spend at work and home

  4. Use or pass time doing a particular thing

  5. The place in an office where a person works, especially with a computer











Ex 5b
I have got a full-time job and I’m tired all the time. I don’t need to improve my time management skills as I organize my time efficiently. But I do have to work consuming a lot of workstation commuting to work, and it’s very take up a lot of time. One way I could save time would be to look at homeworking. My boss might like that as she could reduce the number of work-life balance. I could stay in touch with the office by email and phone. I’m not a workaholic. What I want is a better spend time so I can be with my family more of the time.
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