Working together for a safer, healthier & drug-free community

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Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Working together for a safer, healthier & drug-free community”

  1. DFC Grant Application

  • West Valley United is applying for the Drug-Free Communities (DFC) Support Program which is a federal youth-based substance abuse prevention grant. The submission deadline is March 17th 2011.

  • Because we follow the SPF process, we already qualify for many of the submission requirements. We need to collect 12 Coalition Involvement Agreements (CIA’s). These have been assigned to the following Coalition members: Owen Wilson (youth), Kevin Fayles (parent), Sheri Kinsey (business), Aaron Crim (media), Terry Bawden (school); Anita Schwemmer (law enforcement), Renee Taylor (Civic/Volunteer Group), Penni Shepherd/Tom Taylor (Healthcare Professional), Mike Winder/Aaron Crim (City Government), Mike Milne (Other Organization).

  • CIA’s will be signed and delivered to Craig Thomas at West Valley City hall. CIA’s may also be scanned and emailed to Darrin Cottle.

  • If funded, the award provides $625,000 over 5 years ($125,000/year). The coalition will apply under the fiscal and legal entity of West Valley City.

  1. 2011 Calendar of Events & Crash Car Schedule

  • Three of our four stand-up signs have been printed/delivered and were on display during our coalition meeting. It was decided that two additional signs would be created and printed with visuals of the crash-car so the signs can stand alone without being next the car itself.

  • The next crash-car event will be at the south town expo center for a police safety fair. Learning for Life also scheduled the car for a 3-day Family Safety Event at camp Tracy.

  1. Planning and Developing a Strategic Plan:

  • Media Campaign – Increasing Awareness

  • How do we change social norms regarding drinking & driving?

  • Awareness messages will focus on the potential consequences of drinking and driving. There are three main consequence categories: (1) Financial Consequences (2) Social Consequences and (3) Physical Consequences.

  • It was also discussed that a series of messages be printed in the West Valley Journal with an anti-drinking and driving theme for each month.

  1. Next Meeting:

SPF Process:

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