Why english is important in global scenario Use of English in communicating and be in high level

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  1. Why english is important in global scenario

  2. Use of English in communicating and be in high level

  3. To build a new career by the help of English

  4. q Importance of English in global studying

  5. Importance of english in todays world


The main information that should be mentioned is that in developed countries of the world such as UK and US everyone speaks and understands English language. And another major inf is that nearly 67 countries of the world have eng as their offi lang and 27 countries have that as secondary. For example in Canada everyone knows English as their primary lan


Language is our primary source of communication. Microsoft company have a lot of workers but nearly 45 per cent of workers are not from US although it is the best company of the world. The main reason of that is English language. Even though nearly half per cent Workers of Apple company are from china japan korae they understand each other clearly because they use English language to communicate with each other and only English helps them to understand each other. If they do not know English there would be misunderstanding


English language plays the main role in our future career and helps us to get a higher degree from our job. for example in our country there are a lot of companies and hotels of overseas and if sb goes there to work first of all they ask « Do u know English» and if u have experience to speak and understand English they would let u to work


Coming to the importance of English at studying is 100 per cent true. For example if someone wants to study abroad they are required to take certificates that shows their knowledge about English language like IELTS, TOEFL, CEFR. In my case I study in Amity university in Tashkent and lessons are only in English and it is clear that I have to learn English well not to lose the main point during the classes. Another interesting example is that although, teachers in our university are Indians they learnt English to be international.
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